25 Responses to “McCain Can’t Explain Voting Against Birth Control”

  1. johns375 says:

    Insurance companies …
    Insurance companies should be able to cover whatever they want. They are not a government institution, and if one company wants to cover birth control and another doesnt, then give the former your business and the other will have to go without the costumer.

  2. Joshcee116 says:

    Proof he would’ve …
    Proof he would’ve been just another Double-Ya.

    I’d rather have an ape then a monkey running the white house.

  3. vojtexxx says:

    US …

    US prezident’s r so funny and stupid…:-))
    except J.F.K.
    US tragiccomedy…
    In our country we say…”He is so stupid, that he can´t be even the US president……..:-))

  4. tben513 says:

    so happy he didn …
    so happy he didn win that is what was going to run our country

  5. LittleEmoBoy001 says:

    Get out and talk to …
    Get out and talk to people and tell them to watch those suspicious voting machines. Be careful but vote!

  6. LittleEmoBoy001 says:

    The only way he …
    The only way he will ‘win’ is if they hack the voting machines. So if he DOES win, you now know how it happened.

  7. kraor0243 says:

    If you use proper …
    If you use proper Birth Control methods the odds are very slim on having an accident
    The pill is 99.8% effective and that is after 1 year having sex at least twice a weak in a monogamous relationship.
    Condoms providing they don’t break are 97% effective
    in combination it would be astronomically impossible to conceive

  8. omgodsword says:

    im laughing so much …
    im laughing so much atm i can feel tears on my cheeks.

  9. americanidiot38 says:

    it has a lot to do …
    it has a lot to do with intelligence. its smart to do if you cant afford a kid or if your having an “accident”

  10. kraor0243 says:

    Intelligence has …
    Intelligence has nothing to do with abstinence idiot38 some of the smartest people I know have a new fling every weekend


    Dude, I want to …
    Dude, I want to beat the crap out of this guy, he is such a dumbshit liar.

  12. Chazerbaijann says:

    he had better not …
    he had better not win, vote Obama. that way we dont have to deal with McCain OR Palin…both r nuts and need to stfu

  13. americanidiot38 says:

    hahahaha, well as …
    hahahaha, well as long as obama is elected, we’re safe :))

  14. willdav713 says:

    but CorpMerica( …
    but CorpMerica(formally the United States) now require passports to leave this country but hopping aboard a freight train will solve that problem.

  15. americanidiot38 says:

    no need, the border …
    no need, the border between U.S. and canada isnt a rough border.

  16. willdav713 says:

    koliebo, that seems …
    koliebo, that seems to work more in the richer wealthier whiter neighboorhoods such as West Lake Hills, Tx. Try making that same message in a San Antonio, Texas high schools, in Acres Homes, or in Alief, Texas and get back to me, ok. We need to explain to the Hispanic culture it is ok to use birth control lets not wait till we have a Bronx, NY AIDS scare in other parts of the world. We need to have condoms in school and sex ed. Reform of the Food Stamp program, TANF, and CHIP aw well.

  17. willdav713 says:

    BdadDrizzle, he has …
    BdadDrizzle, he has been obessing about this since 1988. See my Larry King Live video on McCain, Bob Beckel It has 2 parts the third one will be posting real soon.

  18. willdav713 says:

    to cure diseases …
    to cure diseases cysts and cancers stem cell research should be fully granted that is why I am voting for Bob Barr, Ralph Nader, Or Cynthia McKinney. I refused to donate to Breast Cancer research, prostate cancer research or any other foundation until STEM CELL RESEARCH is fully done INCLUDING using embryos. Don’t feed religion down my throat If I wanted that then I would go to Cuba. Our government does not get it. BTW I refuse to fill out the census. I don’t serve jury duty, either.

  19. willdav713 says:

    if mccain gets …
    if mccain gets elected i will try to smuggle myself by train into canada.

  20. americanidiot38 says:

    im a teenager, and …
    im a teenager, and yes, we can abstain thank you very much 😛 it just depends in your religous beliefs and how smart you are.

  21. americanidiot38 says:

    obama is going to …
    obama is going to win. if mccain is elected, when i turn 18 im moving to england.

  22. lespaulman4686 says:

    McCain changes …
    McCain changes positions to guard his own ass, let him in office and we’ll see that regularly.

  23. koliebo says:

    No, abstinence …
    No, abstinence works just fine, the problem is that you can’t expect teenagers with raging hormones to actually abstain.

  24. radius34 says:

    stop the war in …
    stop the war in iraq.

  25. lunadnm says:

    liberatepotatoes: …
    liberatepotatoes: “Actually, birth control is very often used to treat certain medical conditions, such as ovarian cysts, which, in my opinion, outweigh erectile dysfunction in urgency.”

    roflmao Best reply ever. I completely agree. (I am one of those women whose ovaries failed and must take bc pills to supplement the hormones i need.)

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