25 Responses to “Obama And Pelosi Buy Health Insurance Or Go To Jail!”

  1. Bestmanme08 says:

    The book Obama: Why …
    The book Obama: Why Black America Should Have Doubts (partially written by Martin Luther King’s niece) shows this of him! And the book Ted Kennedy: The Early Years shows he had Kennedy aid in getting elected!

  2. Bestmanme08 says:

    Obama knew somebody …
    Obama knew somebody cured of being a homosexual!!!!! Call 1-888-264-0877 for a genuine homosexual cure!

  3. dragonflyblu02 says:

    wow…looks like …
    wow…looks like I’m going to jail folks…

  4. kababayanC2 says:



    So what if other people get ahead? LIFE ISN’T FAIR! Prosperous families shouldn’t be punished just because they earn more! They should be punished if they are scamming the public! Other than that, honest success shouldn’t be punished! GET OVER IT!

  5. enjoyitbro says:

    I remember hearing …
    I remember hearing this in the debates and then I heard this health care plan was going to do the exact thing he was preaching against what a two faced liar.

  6. theCamelCase says:

    @poppycock696969 …
    @poppycock696969 The third is of compassion. To a person who makes very little, $1 can mean the difference between life and death. To a person who makes billions per year, $1,000,000 means the difference between having and not having a third jacuzzi built in their backyard. Additional wealth is more valuable to the impoverished than to the affluent, and not everyone who is impoverished deserves to be. Some were unlucky, some live in an impoverished area, and some had poor parents.

  7. theCamelCase says:

    The second is that …
    The second is that income doesn’t necessarily reflect work ethic, skills, or contribution to society. It is very possible to earn money by contributing to society little, and it is possible to contribute greatly and earn little money. The average Nobel Prize -winning scientist makes less money than the average investor. Yet which one contributes more to society?

  8. theCamelCase says:

    @poppycock696969 …
    @poppycock696969 There are 3 issues here.
    The first is exponential growth. It’s hard to gain wealth without wealth, but it’s easy to gain wealth if you already have wealth. You didn’t address this. Graduated taxation hinders the exponential growth. Even with graduated taxation, working harder is still in my interest because I stand to gain more wealth. My hard work is not “punished”; it’s still rewarded. And anyways, people who earn “a little wealth” aren’t taxed heavily.

  9. poppycock696969 says:

    @theCamelCase Are …
    @theCamelCase Are you saying if someone works and builds a little wealth, even if they came from a poor family and earned everything they have, the government should take it and redistribute it to people who did nothing to earn it?

  10. poppycock696969 says:

    @thegreatdaveo as …
    @thegreatdaveo as far as charitable donations, shouldn’t be a tax credit there either. If you want to donate to charity it should be out of the kindness in your heart, not because there is a tax credit in it for you.

  11. poppycock696969 says:

    @thegreatdaveo Its …
    @thegreatdaveo Its just like people with kids getting back more than they pay. The govt says “If you’re irresponsible and have kids you can’t afford its ok we’ll have the rest of the taxpayers float the bill. If you are responsible and dont have more kids than you can afford thats fine, but you’ll be punished by having to pay for those less responsible.”

  12. poppycock696969 says:

    @thegreatdaveo …
    @thegreatdaveo thats bs if you want to buy a house thats your business you shouldnt get a tax break that just gives people who cant really afford a new home incentive to buy one anyway.

  13. theCamelCase says:

    In …

    In laissez-faire economics, affluence allows people to gain more affluence. When I have money (or my parents had money), I am more able and likely to gain or retain my wealth. This process causes exponential growth, which is inherently unstable and unfair. Without a graduated income tax, when one person gets ahead, however briefly and however slightly, others are left with little chance to gain wealth. Graduated income taxes make laissez-faire economics a little less unstable.

  14. kababayanC2 says:


    With graduated income taxes, the more you earn, the more you get taxed, taking away your chances to success.

    Graduated income taxes punish hardwork

  15. theCamelCase says:

    @kababayanC2 ” …
    @kababayanC2 “Graduated income taxes are also unjust!”
    How are they unjust?

  16. dahoss2x says:



  17. thegreatdaveo says:

    You don’t pay more …
    You don’t pay more in income tax, you just don’t get the tax credit given to those who get health insurance. I got a tax credit for buying a house last year, so I guess people should be really upset that everyone didn’t get that tax credit, even if they didn’t buy a house like I did. I also contributed to charities & got a tax credit for that too. Should everyone get the charity tax credit even if they didn’t contribute at all? 95% of people got tax breaks this year, only the super-rich didn’t.

  18. palesurfer1972 says:

    what can I say …
    what can I say third party smaller goverment is what we need.stop voteing for dems and rep.Demand a third choice.

  19. ipownfroobs says:


  20. JohnOscat says:

    This is according …
    This is according to a letter. Let’s get a quote from the actual bill that was signed into law. The bill says nothing about jail, and even says specifically that you cant be charged criminally for not having health insurance.

  21. kubush says:

    @kababayanC2 Yes or …
    @kababayanC2 Yes or no? Should we ban the practice of denying coverage for pre-existing conditions?

    We arent discussion progressive taxes here.

  22. kababayanC2 says:


    Maybe …

    Maybe we should, but healthcare is a SERVICE, not a right! A right is something you’re born to have, a service is something you pay for, or something someone pays for on your behalf. Healthcare is a service.

    BUT GRADUATED INCOME TAXES ARE STILL UNJUST. Do you know what graduated income tax means? It means that the more you earn, the higher your taxes get. IT IS UNJUST!

  23. kubush says:

    @kababayanC2 What’s …
    @kababayanC2 What’s unjust is being denied coverage for pre-existing conditions! Do you agree that we should ban that practice?

  24. kababayanC2 says:


    The …

    The government CANNOT force people to pay higher taxes because they don’t buy something the government wants them to buy! It is unjust!

    Graduated income taxes are also unjust!

  25. kubush says:

    @kababayanC2 Oh of …
    @kababayanC2 Oh of course. Because income taxes is SOCIALIST MARXISM! You idiots need to stop listing to glenn beck. Calling everything you don’t like marxist doesnt help. You remind me of the time of the red scare when ppl were accusing others of being communists simply cause they disagreed with them.

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