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  1. mensskintightlowrise says:

    @AbabaJahnohoy No …
    @AbabaJahnohoy No you’re not the only queer hater here. As of today, there are 707 other haters just like you who think gay kids should be bullied until they suicide. Fortunately your thumbs downs for this video are outnumbered 10/1 by the thumbs ups.

  2. mensskintightlowrise says:

    @papi2dmamis Since …
    @papi2dmamis Since when has supporting gay and lesbian issues been a vote winner? It is surely the opposite since we are a minority.

    Given the level of ostracism, violence and hatred flung at homosexuals on a daily basis, Obama would get more out of encouraging bullies to beat up on gays and telling gay kids to go get Daddy’s gun and shoot themselves through the head like they currently are from age 13.

    I see this speech as very courageous and politically risky for Obama. I admire him for it.

  3. GalCable says:

    Obama might be good …
    Obama might be good for America, but in foreign policy he’s a failure. Every freaking leader in this world spits on him. He’s weakening America.

    We’re still eating the of what Carter did to Iran in 1979. And we will soon be facing the consequences of Turkey abandoning the West and allying with Anti-American forces. All because Obama is a weak leader.

    Democrats are professional in creating conditions for a World War.

    Enjoy your defeat Obama.

  4. dubpsychosis88 says:

    Well said Obama, …
    Well said Obama, such an admirable politician. I have been bullied for being gay and I tried to commit suicide more than once but I’m so glad I have failed, because it DID get better.
    I know there is more to life than gay rights, but Obama should work harder to stop that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy in the military.And also, being gay is illegal in some states in America. Can he do nothing about that? Why does America has to be like a collective of states, rather than ONE united country?

  5. mensskintightlowrise says:

    @ARepublicanVictory …
    @ARepublicanVictory You need to catch up with medical research into homosexualtiy over the past century. It’s been decisively documented, with overwhelming empirical evidence gathered by health professionals in diverse disciplines that homosexuality is not a pathology and should never have been treated as one in the first place. Please Google American Psychiatric Assocation and American Psychological Association and Wikipedia for examples. I had an x-ray of my head – it’s fine thank you.

  6. HoodwinkedbyanAngel says:

    @billions14  { …
    @billions14  { LET ME HELP } { IM HERE TO HELPS }
    YOU U LIBERAL WIPES … he is making this speech for the gay vote & no other reason…this Mook don’t give a about Phaggs or any one else…all he care about is destroying America & that is his only concern
    HE IS THE LEAD HENCHMAN FOR THE NEW WORLD ORDER and nothing is gonna stop him…
    Un less he falls down the steps of AF1 and breaks his neck…[ yes he can ] ONE CAN ONLY HOPE ~ ! Can I gets an A-Men ?

  7. mensskintightlowrise says:

    @KCthe4Th Actually …
    @KCthe4Th Actually since you’re going to “Heaven”, I do not want to go there because if I do, I will have to put up with your obnoxious company, and that of all the other people who discriminate against gays, bully harass, kill and disenfrachise us.

    Spend eternity in the same place as you? NO thank you! sounds like a fun place since my supportive parents, friends, work colleagues and billions of homosexuals over the centuries will all be there to keep me company. Can’t wait!

  8. Badnewsbroad says:

    Thank you, …
    Thank you, President Obama. I am not part of the LGBT community and could not possibly fathom the awful pain that they must endure for, but everyone has at one time or another been bullied in some way. Bullying, is intensely painful and I am so glad to live in a world where we have finally addressed this issue and realized that it is wrong and does irrevocable damage to its victims. Reach out, it gets better. xx

  9. mensskintightlowrise says:

    @resdudeornardude …
    @resdudeornardude It is not morally wrong to “be gay”. Everyone is not going to “be a faggot” and no-one ever said they should. Some people, like myself are faggots, and we are a minority, so no threat to the world’s existence.You should be glad all 280 million of us are not reproducing. How would you feed all those starving babies?

    As for “having a girl do it”, you’re so far off track it’s hilarious. I don’t get an erection with a female, only with a male, so what point would there be in that?

  10. politispittas says:

    President Obama is …
    President Obama is really trying hard for the best. The world is under a tremendous crisis, the old form of nations is dying, a new world is rising BUT may be at the end of the road it will be much better for all. Imagine…no countries…no reason to kill or die for…i think its coming. Its painful, but…

  11. ARepublicanVictory says:

    @xXxspitfire00xXx …
    @xXxspitfire00xXx Who cares? LGBTQ are all sick in the head. I would give a by making sure all of the members of the LGBTQ get their heads checked. Something mentally is wrong with them.

  12. papi2dmamis says:

    I believe it when …
    I believe it when it comes from you and not from a script somebody else gave you so you can get more votes for your democrats buddies!

  13. missimerica18 says:

    a positive message …
    a positive message like this should be taken for what it is, not jumbled up in the mess of other issues. whether you like him or not, President Obama is the only president to make such giant strides to involve the everyday public opinion of the people. in this case, his statement is one that should be internalized and followed.

  14. MatasTGvideo says:

    He is a good …
    He is a good president! Stop hating on him..
    making it easier for the kids..cause they are the future!

  15. JohnGuitarSolo says:

    Epic , …
    Epic , inspirational , love the new video message !!

    God Bless


  16. StephenD1967 says:

    @billions14 I don’t …
    @billions14 I don’t need to make anyone on here believe anything….they’re smart enough by themselves to see I’m not the desperate, ridiculous one. And when it comes to being pathetic, I guess I’ll have to defer to the expert on that, which is obviously you.

  17. AbabaJahnohoy says:

    am i the only one …
    am i the only one who finds this gay stuff unatural and just nasty

  18. AbabaJahnohoy says:

    am i the only one …
    am i the only one who thinks this gay sht is unatural, and just nasty.

  19. Rionex18 says:


    A …

    A typo mistake I made. What I meant was if “Children could be thought to fight in general”.

  20. Rionex18 says:


    I …

    I love your post! Christians like you make God the proudest. (In my opinion, that is)

  21. 785070707 says:

    the only way …
    the only way anything will get better is when they put your illegal alien communist in prison for crimes against America. Go back to Kenya, where u were born, back to your gay lovers.

  22. Goratron666 says:


  23. LuisRamirez666 says:

    @anunnaki2006 What …
    @anunnaki2006 What the are you talking about?! are you in drugs or what?

  24. Rionex18 says:



    Really, is hitting people all you think about? If children can be thaught by parents and teachers how to defend themselves in a fight, why not teach them common decency, manners and to learn to peacefully compromise with another human being instead? Won’t the chance of a fight even happening at all decrease if people actually respect one another and stop being ignorant, self -centered pricks?

  25. groundhog2008 says:

    Just listening to …
    Just listening to our President, brings tears to my eyes!!!! Young people, if you care about America, you better vote for only Democrats, and things will get better!!!! Repubs hate gays, minorities, the poor, and Democrats!!!! Repubs cater to the wealthy, and Democrats are for the poor and middle class, no matter what colour or nationality!!!! VOTE DEMOCRATE, OR STAY HOME!!!!

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