25 Responses to “President Obama On the Passage of Health Reform”

  1. archer1954 says:

    ‘so basically they …
    ‘so basically they said lets do some buisness for the bananas’

  2. bond519 says:

    @brandie7654: What …
    @brandie7654: What Job? Screw the people of America just because some people don’t have health insurance so the rest of the working people have to support them. Obama is a typical democratic communist that doesn’t worry about how America will pay for all of his bull crap. Programs.

  3. bond519 says:

    @KCArmstrongXIV: …
    @KCArmstrongXIV: Looks like you are the idiot. You don’t even know what in the you are talking about. I just asked you a simple question and you turn into this hole so go to idiot.

  4. brandie7654 says:

    love him the …
    love him the greatest president to get the job done

  5. weasyeasel says:

    No one is supposed …
    No one is supposed to “run” the country.

  6. KCArmstrongXIV says:

    @bond519 because …
    @bond519 because you’re an idiot, end of story son

    dont talk to me anymore

  7. bond519 says:

    @KCArmstrongXIV: …
    @KCArmstrongXIV: Hey, I am not for obama. I just was wondering what your post was all about. I think that Obama is the worst president in history.

  8. MrAlexKeaton says:

    “This will go down …
    “This will go down as a dark day in American history. ”

    Yes, it will. Government has NO right to do this.

  9. KCArmstrongXIV says:

    @bond519 @bond519 …
    @bond519 @bond519 of coarse you should be curious, you’re a moron you dont know anything lol

    dependant coverage kicked in BEFORE the supposed september deadline, you idiot.. thats how “obama’s healthcare helped”

    next time keep your mouth shut next son

    : )

  10. bond519 says:

    @gothicfuneral1: I …
    @gothicfuneral1: I wish that your comment was true but you might want to seek more information on what National health care will cost each one of us out of our paychecks. The only ones that won’t have to pay are welfare people. The working class will have to pay much more than they know.

  11. bond519 says:

    @KCArmstrongXIV : I …
    @KCArmstrongXIV : I am kind of curious how Obama’s healthcare helped when none of it is put in place yet? could you please elaborate a bit?

  12. jimbad05 says:

    This will go down …
    This will go down as a dark day in American history. The state now controls our healthcare system. They may improve it, or they may bog it down with regulations and red tape, but they now control our healthcare. I hope you fascist liberal statists are happy.

  13. QuantumLeap365 says:

    @chrism216 You live …
    @chrism216 You live in Switzerland, I don’t think you have to worry about that. Besides, this bill wouldn’t give you free heath care if you lived here, it would force you to either PAY for health care or serve time in jail.

    If you think inter planetary travel isn’t progress, then you are clearly an idiot.

  14. chrism216 says:

    @QuantumLeap365 how …
    @QuantumLeap365 how the is finding out whether there is water on mars a form of progress??
    i can live with the question of water on mars as long as MY FAMILY DOESNT DIE OF A CANCER I CANT PAY TO TREAT

  15. baddmaddogg says:

    people dont have …
    people dont have healthcare because they cant afford it.. Obama sauid make it affordaBLE but al i see him doing is MAKING us pay for it giving us another bill to pay money we could be using to keep a roof voer our heads are electricity!~!@!@!!

  16. NerdForMIT says:

    @chrism216 I always …
    @chrism216 I always say just cause it worked for you doesn’t mean it works for me. This is how is should be.

  17. Galicia1981 says:

    I love how people …
    I love how people support something they didnt even read. These thieves didnt even read the bill which was 2,500 pages long.

    How old are we? Free healthcare, come on guys, there is nothng free in this life. In order for it to be free it has to be taken from someone else. And not only that, its MANDATORY. Thats right, you will go to jail or pay a heavy fine for not wanting to do what these crooks want

    And you guys think we live in a free country, what a joke.

  18. charadester says:

    Though not too fond …
    Though not too fond of government control of health care, we have our flawed system of free enterprise to thank for it. Like water and sewer service or electricity, health care is a necessity. When there are no more competitors, you pay the going price, and collusion between the providers fixes and inflates those fees in time. That system is eventually hijacked by greed. Look at any example of much reviled regulation limiting business, and you’ll see a former abuse that made it necessary.

  19. chrism216 says:

    The idea is …
    The idea is obviously great, and the most developed countries e.g. in Europe have already adopted it.
    But the timing for it could not be worse.
    The USA has enough debts as it is…

  20. TheRealVotes says:

    Obama get’s caught …
    Obama get’s caught with his secret plans on healthcare(secretly recorded by alex jones) So all you Alex Jones haters can’t dispute the truth no longer!


  21. kim8040 says:

    @seth917 Amen you …
    @seth917 Amen you are a true American !

  22. kim8040 says:

    @kim8040 …
    @kim8040 huffingtonpost
    are nothing but a bunch of commie loving Idiots and controlled by the same people as Move on Org and Media matters 1 A bunch of rich elites who think they can take over America and take our freedoms !

  23. kim8040 says:

    Any more far left …
    Any more far left idiots care for kimmy to destroy you ? COme to my page ! Let the whole world get a taste of your ignorance !

  24. stupidwhitemanjesus says:

    Anyone who still …
    Anyone who still cares, this Nation is Bankrupt. Just like anyone that goes Bankrupt no one wants to give you credit. What more do you have to know? Pay your DEBT! Well If you believe the saviour can just keep printing dollars to cover us all for eternity, then we have reached NIRVANA. Meanwhile his holiness has to take a dump, and pay the loan shark.

  25. excelerater says:

    RIP Freedom………
    RIP Freedom………

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