25 Responses to “SHOCK UNCOVERED: Obama IN HIS OWN WORDS saying His Health Care Plan will ELIMINATE private insurance”

  1. bvdwidepants says:

    @matfrue44 WHat …
    @matfrue44 WHat does California have to do with anything ? I DO understand you porked an underage trollop. I DO understand it was against the law then, as it is now. I DO understand that it is called statutory rape. I Do understand that you are a Godless hump. A true hypocrite.I I dont care how many other illiterates you have spanwed. I DO understand that this is NOT defamation because it is true. Sweet dreams cupcake.

  2. matfrue44 says:

    @bvdwidepants you …
    @bvdwidepants you do understand I don’t live in California? & you do understand the laws were different 25 yrs ago? & you do understand my wife & i are of the same age? & you do understand that my wife & i have been married 25 yrs & have two children? You do understand that this is defamation of character? Good night!

  3. RoomMonitor says:

    LOL …

    OK agreed. (can’t help it. He makes himself SUCH an easy target.) G’night. Sweet dreams.

  4. BritmanForever says:

    @matfrue44 We do, …
    @matfrue44 We do, we work in health and take care of people, we just want everyone to get the care they need, not just those lucky to have insurance.

    Blue Cross is offering budget plans right NOW, not 2014, fee for service and not very cheap, but it’s a start. So even Insurance can’t hate the Law if THEY ARE IMPLEMENTING IT EARLY

  5. bvdwidepants says:

    mat. I did read the …
    mat. I did read the statute. You ARE a rapist. consentual or not that is statutory rape ,,pervert boy. Like I said maybe you live next door to Jed Clampett. So who KNOWS what the laws are back in your woods. LOL
    Hey, if matfrue DID end up getting divorced from his current wife. And she moved out. What would he call her then ? Well, he’d still call her his sister.

  6. onesmartgal says:



    Now that was funny! It’s way to late to get all psyched up with laughs, so turn it down a notch Roomy or I won’t be able to sleep. I won’t sleep anyway what with the enigmatic post from before. Have mercy!

  7. matfrue44 says:

    You guys are …
    You guys are unbelievable. Low down. But hey what else would come from you all. Take stuff about someones life & twist it around. You all have no heart.

  8. bvdwidepants says:


    LMFAO NO Child Left Behind. Good one,LOL Yep ol mat is one sick redneck loser.

  9. onesmartgal says:



    Duly noted and appropriate action will commence. Gracias!

  10. BritmanForever says:

    @onesmartgal check …
    @onesmartgal check your messages if you have time

  11. RoomMonitor says:


    Godfrey Daniels. matfrue is a rapist ? What a pig. And here I thought all we had to deal with with him was his illiteracy. WOW. He brings a WHOLE new meaning to NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND. matfure, I always knew you were ill informed, and poorly eductaed but this is disgusting. You are a pig.

  12. matfrue44 says:

    @bvdwidepants same …
    @bvdwidepants same age & consensual. Happily married 25yrs. Look up the law before you make accusations. Maybe tomorrow you will have something intelligent to say. I doubt it cause you’re nothing but a troll.

  13. onesmartgal says:



    That is disappointing – I always thought Matt was the nicest one of the teabags. Okay now – don’t make me wait on the other issue – give!

  14. bvdwidepants says:


    Serious as a heart attack. Out own little sex offender matfrue. Yep, he is a rapist. Played hide the sausage with a girll who was 14 years old. But I guess in Appalachia they allow that. Statutory rape my dear, no matter how ya slice it.

  15. onesmartgal says:



    Are you serious?

  16. matfrue44 says:

    @venttCo rapist? …
    @venttCo rapist? Just like I told your other half we were the same age. Been married 25yrs. You using your education? Let me guess you’re in health care? Kiss your hell, I’m already at the top! How bout moving out of mommy & daddy’s house & getting a place of your own! That away when you talk about life experiences & responsibility you will actually have some.

  17. bvdwidepants says:



  18. bvdwidepants says:

    @matfrue44 Sex …
    @matfrue44 Sex with a minor femal is statutory rape, even if the male is her age. You are amazingly ignorant. You must live in Tennessee. I guess its legal down south. Especially when, like you said, shes your sister. You worthless RAPIST

  19. matfrue44 says:

    @bvdwidepants read …
    @bvdwidepants read the law you moron. Consensual sex between two individuals the same age is not rape. You’re about as brite as a burned out light bulb. Come back when you grow a brain.

  20. onesmartgal says:


    You …

    You morons or moron are funny as hell.

  21. onesmartgal says:


    Who …

    Who can fathom the mind of redneck teabags, not I. Obviously the “repeal”/Constitutionality issue has always been a mere political strategy to make the teabags think they have some modicum of power. In truth, they don’t even have a soupcon of power, never have, never will. Their 15 minutes is about over.

  22. onesmartgal says:


    For …

    For toddler’s like you who are not toilet trained yet, it would be necessary to “wipe your ass”. I can whip your anytime or whup your as you rednecks might say.

  23. bvdwidepants says:

    You ignorant …

    You ignorant lemming. It doesnt matter if you were her age or not. It is still called rape. You are a Godless scum. You are an anti-American, white-trash, Godless, skank rapist, thats all there is to it. Truth hurts doesnt it bitch.

  24. venttCo says:

    LOL. …

    LOL. You poor lost soul. My life doesnt suck. Not in any way. Do not project your failures onto me, you loser. I have achieved things in my life you can not even fathom. (One of which is a good education) My little rapist of a friend, you would have to find a reallyyyyyyyy tall ladder, just to kiss my ass. Trust me, there is NOTHING about you , or your pathetic life I want.

  25. matfrue44 says:

    @venttCo Don’t be …
    @venttCo Don’t be at me just because your life sucks & you could never be the man I’m. NEVER!

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