25 Responses to “Snotty Doctor Health Insurance Commercial”

  1. jeenyus720 says:

    shes gunna be so …
    shes gunna be so obnoctious (or however u spell it) when shes older

  2. ECBaby30 says:

    hahaha i love this. …
    hahaha i love this. its sooooo funny

  3. LiveLoveJonas567 says:

    she is so sdorable! …
    she is so sdorable!!!

  4. LiveLoveJonas567 says:

    yeah i think she …
    yeah i think she did say that, i could not stop laughing when i heard that! she is so cute!

  5. J3J3 says:

    she’s so …
    she’s so adorable – whoever thought up these health insurance commercials is genius

  6. inlinekid14 says:

    brooklyn does o …
    brooklyn does o wierd and boston does ar wierd she from brooklyn

  7. BettyBoopObsessed says:

    haha yeahhh i knoww …
    haha yeahhh i knoww…they all sound the samee to me. 😛

  8. dizzle2021 says:

    haha brooklyn, …
    haha brooklyn, jersey… she could be from Boston too!! lol

  9. cjwil3 says:

    haha not only what …
    haha not only what she says but with her new york accent and attitude makes it funny “awll she did right, was check hea, and hea”

  10. karlydallof says:

    dude.. she said she …
    dude.. she said she had red lip stick and shii haha i swear she said that lol

  11. BettyBoopObsessed says:

    you mean brooklyn. …
    you mean brooklyn. 🙂

  12. johannnax33 says:

    omg i was thinking …
    omg i was thinking the same thingg!

  13. johnathanc13 says:


  14. TanesiaMrsFresh says:

    omfg did she say …
    omfg did she say red lipstick and lol i swear she said that lmao

  15. minatjuuh says:

    cute !!
    cute !!

  16. x3Nar says:

    “She was a …
    “She was a beautiful doctor, but she was snotty”

    xD LOL. Little kids are hilarious~

  17. mwb324 says:

    Brooklyn!!! SO cute …
    Brooklyn!!! SO cute <3

  18. nohely88 says:

    ummm dats not a new …
    ummm dats not a new jersey accet its brooklyn ny.duhh
    anyways cute

  19. gibbonsa3a says:

    apoltuy amazind …
    apoltuy amazind child lv her x

  20. theGrierness says:

    Who are you talking …
    Who are you talking to? She cant hear you.

  21. dizzle2021 says:

    Jersey girl haha… …
    Jersey girl haha… gotta love that accent

  22. babyface108 says:

    welll ur a snotty …
    welll ur a snotty kid that talks too much and makes weird faces how bout that kid

  23. all4tubekids says:

    great video!
    great video!


    does she say …
    does she say redlipstick and SHIT?
    lol….still funny.

  25. rocksh0w says:

    can somebody tell …
    can somebody tell me what she sais ?!

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