25 Responses to “Sorry Ryan You Don’t Have Health Insurance”

  1. pkmonmaster69 says:

    @thetechie123 lol …
    @thetechie123 lol same here

  2. thetechie123 says:

    Um… U guys got …
    Um… U guys got pwned in the game that actually mattered: the gold medal hockey game. I live in Vancouver so I know that ppl were honking horns outside my home.

  3. loudtyper says:

    Is Zac Little …
    Is Zac Little wearing a legendary Captain America T-shirt?

  4. TheKrazy9292 says:

    Poll: No. I’m not …
    Poll: No. I’m not going to say anymore to avoid debate, so I’ll just say, “No.”

  5. fafnir242 says:

    The look on Zach’s …
    The look on Zach’s face at 4:29 terrifies me…

  6. theloniousMac says:

    Political humor by …
    Political humor by political neophytes is seldom funny.

  7. 22197764 says:

    suck it motherfucker
    suck it motherfucker

  8. 22197764 says:

    suck my dick ryan
    suck my dick ryan

  9. bookhound63 says:

    If Ryan was bitten …
    If Ryan was bitten by a shark in the US and made it out of the water (with help from life guards, the coast guard or just ordinary Americans) (except in NY where they don’t care) he would be treated by emergency services and transported to a hospital ASAP and no one would have asked if he had insurance.
    Yes, he would have a hospital bill later, but why shouldn’t he have to pay, he was the one who decided to swim with the sharks.

  10. edwardocortez says:

    haha im from cole …
    haha im from cole harbour and im not eveen a fan but he did kick your guys asses.

  11. Superdeath25 says:

    @PeepsMcJuggs AI …
    @PeepsMcJuggs AI agree. It is funny. And Ryan appears useless

  12. C4Product says:

    you cant kill the …
    you cant kill the whale in the womens will she said that if she was killed by an animal you have to let the animal live! up bitch

  13. InSearchOfPancakes says:

    Lol at the …
    Lol at the stereotypes.

  14. kingjonnyboy117 says:

    What was that? I …
    What was that? I couldn’t hear you over Canada winning Olympic Gold!

  15. do0rkn0b says:

    canada won what…? …
    canada won what…? oh hockey, guess how high that rates on the give a scale over here?

  16. PeepsMcJuggs says:

    Oh Zachary, you’re …
    Oh Zachary, you’re THAT guy…I had a friend that fed some Arby’s roast beef sammies to a cow in HS. So. Very. Wrong.

  17. PeepsMcJuggs says:

    @ …
    @exploringplanetearth Just to spite you, they should start killing him at least twice an episode.

  18. exploringplanetearth says:

    hey why do u keep …
    hey why do u keep killing ryan 🙁 he’s my fav and by far the cutest.

  19. 666SICmetalHEAD666 says:

    HAHAHA THIS VID IS EVEN FUNNIER knowing canada won

  20. motaboy123 says:

    you missed an y in …
    you missed an y in olympic in your keywords =D

  21. tophergrallison says:

    They’re reffering …
    They’re reffering to when U.S beat Canada in the preliminaries. They didn’t understand that that game didn’t mean anything, and might have even thought that it was the finals game. It’s forgivable, since they live in Texas or Tennessee or some and probably don’t even really know anything about winter.

    Don’t worry about it guys!

  22. matthew9120 says:

    and those who …
    and those who support chelsea and aint from london live in a cicty who have a team i could just support arsenal but i dont.

  23. matthew9120 says:

    so let me get this …
    so let me get this staright u support an english team yet you think of us as losers? acnccd as a matter of fact i dont supprt the english i suppoort the irish

  24. MiserablerHurensohn says:

    I love your …
    I love your character too Josh – unless you really are a major perv. Then, in that case – I think you are awesome too.

  25. Harryhamm1 says:

    calm down kid…. …
    calm down kid….just cuz england never wins any down be a hater…nothing wrong with being patriotic…or let me put it this way….. everton licks donkey tain. anyone that supports everton should be considered leagaly retarded. i mean really kid why. blue is the colour and football is the game. chelsea all the way.

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