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  1. jkjl234 says:

    @Detiminator jesus …
    @Detiminator jesus christ, if you are not in denial everybody knows this war was immoral. we were lied to by our government. saddam had nothing to do with 911 and had no WMDs. that is why we went in the first place, so therefore it was immoral and illegal. we’ve killed upwards of 600,000 iraqis and over 4,000 americans. how is that not immoral?

  2. Detiminator says:

    @Sthernguy1 Thank …
    @Sthernguy1 Thank god for the democratic party? Yes, what would we do without huge government, big socialist spending, political correctness, big unions, abortion, defense cuts, cap and trade, crazies like van jones and jeramiah wright, big tax hikes, redistritbution, and more. Thank god that both parties exist, so they can balance each other out, with the best ideas from each side working together to foment a better country.

  3. Sthernguy1 says:

    @leetbarker – You …
    @leetbarker – You are correct leet, Democrats should not take any responsibility for what went wrong the last 10 or so years, it is all the Republicans fault. Matter of fact, the fact that this country has come along more than any other country in the history of man kind in the last 240 years or so should be credit to solety the Democtrats. Thank God for the Democratic party, otherwise we might just be like the country we broke away from over 240 years ago…. Or are we actually going back?

  4. Detiminator says:

    @BullcityTwin22 …
    @BullcityTwin22 You’re right, you heard about them stoning women to death and invading Kuwait. I agree that the war became mismanaged and pointless, but all those other dictators werent immediately threatening us with WMD’s (or so we thought). I just dont get it. So because we cant fight every battle, we shouldn’t fight any at all? I agree that there are worse dictators that we should be focusing upon, but why does that have to make our initial work in Iraq any less… “good”.

  5. Sthernguy1 says:

    @iamcoreyh – I …
    @iamcoreyh – I really do not know why there is such a big deal about Gay couples having equal rights as Married couples? Is it that Gays just want t use the term or actually want equal rights? Lets say there was a term called “Coupled Partnership” that included all Gay couples living together and they received the same exact rights as traditional M/F Married couples. Would there be a problem with that?

  6. BullcityTwin22 says:

    @Detiminator there …
    @Detiminator there are worse dictators than saddam. At least he controlled those crazy people. You didnt hear about 4000 plus of saddams men dying getting iraq under control.

  7. Detiminator says:

    @jackiebaron Do you …
    @jackiebaron Do you honestly think that I dont want them out of power? I’ll add to that the Darfur crisis, if that’s still going on, and the Joseph Kony deal in Uganda. But its true, we cant fight every battle, because 1) We dont have the capacity, and 2) everyone would be whining about the evil American imperialists. At least America is doing something. When’s the last time you heard about, say, France, using its own resources to help someone else. Recall we invaded Iraq b/c of WMD’s.

  8. jackiebaron says:



    dellboy99, I prefer to say that they are two cheeks of the same ass.

  9. jackiebaron says:



    Well why do you prop up the House of Saud, the Kuwaiti Emir or Karimov who treat their people 100 times more brutally that Saddam Hussein ever did? There’s a dreadful dictator in Indonesia that would slaughter his own people but he used American guns to do it. How come you never wanted him removed? Let me guess..”we can’t fight every battle”…..then don’t use it as an excuse when it suits you. It’s bullshit. Iran have won this Iraq War. Nobody else. They now control the Gulf.

  10. dellboy99 says:

    @schickman1994 The …
    @schickman1994 The facts are there kid, we lost big time in Iraq, both morally, militarily and financially. Go to Baghdad and see if you can walk around the streets. Don’t believe propaganda look at the facts.

  11. jackiebaron says:



    “We won!” Haha! would you listen to this dope! Can you explain how you “won” when all the US generals stated that the Iraq occupation was unwinnable? Violence dropped during that fictitious surge because the US was paying the sunni resistance to not attack them. The US are now paying the Taliban and various warlords with US taxpayer money so as not to ambush convoys. “We won”…you sad, sappy little dreamer who can’t handle the truth.

  12. Detiminator says:

    @connorgow Yeah, …
    @connorgow Yeah, cant argue with that. I certainly hope all this effort in Afghanistan will result in finally getting him.

  13. connorgow says:

    @Detiminator True, …
    @Detiminator True, but we shouldve organized our priorities better. Bin Laden shouldve been number 1.

  14. Detiminator says:

    @connorgow Perhaps …
    @connorgow Perhaps in the later years when all we were probably interested in was their oil, though i think eliminating an american hating dictator with a large army was initially of legitimate interest to us.

  15. jackiebaron says:

    So once again …
    So once again military operations have ended, just like that “Mission Accomplished” banner 7 years ago. Yet 50,000 troops remain along with 200,000 mercenaries. Nothing in Iraq works and hasn’t for years. No electricity, no jobs, no sewage, no schools, no hospitals, nothing. The country is destroyed, wrecked. demolished, yet dildoes like this tit insult our intelligence by saying “Americans have liberated, Iraq”. What a joke. Iraqi oil is now under full foreign control. I guess that was the plan

  16. jackiebaron says:



    But that’s not the reason you gave for attacking a country. You stated that Iraq had WMDs and threatened the world with them. This was a fabrication. Since then the reasons have changed like the weather. Only the dumbest person on earth would agree that 3 trillion dollars spent, 1 million dead and 4 millions maimed, terrorised or displaced by the Americans in order to remove ONE man from power can be classed as victory. Saddam would have resigned for far less cash, you idiot.

  17. connorgow says:

    @Detiminator I …
    @Detiminator I wouldn’t call it immoral. But, it wasnt in our best interest to help Iraq.

  18. Detiminator says:

    @jkjl234 You’re the …
    @jkjl234 You’re the one that doesn’t understand. Immoral from the beginning? Please enlighten me as to how taking down Saddam Hussein was immoral.

  19. connorgow says:

    @schickman1994 …
    @schickman1994 Remember why we invaded Iraq, we thought Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. But, we didn’t find any, did we? Sure, we encouraged a stable government and wiped out a terrorist group here and there. But, this is something that shouldve happened years ago. The thing that kind of me off is Obama didnt say that our troops will move to Afghanistan. Sadly, people dont remember Afghanistan. We’re not at peace, yet.

  20. schickman1994 says:

    @dellboy99 Are you …
    @dellboy99 Are you retarded we won. we defeated saddams army and established a stable government. violence decreases by 15 or 20 percent. we could’ve pulled out 4 years ago. but oh yeah you are a retard.

  21. dellboy99 says:

    We lost again. Just …
    We lost again. Just like in Vietnam and Korea and soon to be Afghanistan.
    When will Americans learn these wars are about money not freedom or anything else. Obama is just like Bush, looking after the wealthy elites. Corporations run America and politicians are just their servants. America has no democracy.
    Fuck the democrats and the republicans. They are 2 heads of the same coin.

  22. xBoBaReNox says:

    @mediaphotographer …
    @mediaphotographer Good there hard charger! Semper Fi.

  23. Grasslander says:

    Fact: U.S. soldiers …
    Fact: U.S. soldiers are still in Iraq. At least 50,000 troops will continue to operate from 94 bases. American air assaults are unchanged, as are special forces’ assassinations. The number of “military contractors,” U.S.-hired mercenaries, is currently 100,000 and rising. Most Iraqi oil is now under direct foreign control.

    Search for “obama promise to end war.” Click on the first video. It shows Obama in 2007 promising to end the occupations FIRST THING. “You can take that to the bank.” LIAR.

  24. AngeliaClaire says:

    @iamcoreyh NOWAY ! …
    @iamcoreyh NOWAY ! I saw your comunist site YOU ARE Such a FOOL! To believe these lies pooring out of that socialist communist mouth. You know what he is doing! It is called THEFT! HOMO! Fat sit on your computer all fricken day and try to look up all the bullshit you can! GET A LIFE! Stuff your face and type with sticky fingers! SHEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. AngeliaClaire says:

    @iamcoreyh you are …
    @iamcoreyh you are a moron! HOMO!

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