4 Responses to “The Health Insurance Fund in Nigeria”

  1. nnaamen says:

    Life expectancy in …
    Life expectancy in Nigeria is certainly not 43. More like 57.

  2. gvicman says:

    Life expectancy …
    Life expectancy rated at 43 in Nigeria to me resulted to be a little bit exaggeration.Where on earth or on what basis are all these exaggerative statistcs was based.This you only here when it comes into rating any country in Africa,no one knows if it’s just a kind of strategy to scare people away even from breathing the Air that flows in that Continent,but yet the Western world never stops to be interested in their Minerals and Raw materials.

  3. AkindeT says:

    Life expectancy of …
    Life expectancy of 43 is terrible. Is health insurance the only thing that is needed to change the mortality rate?
    This segment was posted for 19 months but no one has commented about the issue, which leads me to think people may not appreciate such important issue.
    Even if a government plan was put in place, are people going to react to it at all?

  4. nikehahaha says:


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