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  1. FMChristain says:


  2. starr522 says:

    Great idea. …
    Great idea. Question is. Why don’ t I have insurance now.? Waste and abuse? I don’ t have have that power. The time for bickering is over? Asswipe, call it a day. I’ m dying.

  3. Z0mgZ0mbies says:

    @pluto4847 You are …
    @pluto4847 You are a thief. I am a voluntaryist, so I have a strange idea that taxation is theft. And that we could live in a world without institutional government theft. Just because you elect Obama and ask him to steal for you does not make you any less guilty of theft. Do you even know what government run healthcare looks like? Be ready for the 7 to 11 hour wait for your next emergency! …For me and many others, however. This was the last straw for me.

  4. bond519 says:

    I heard that Obama …
    I heard that Obama had oversized toilets installed in the White House to hole all the that he is dishing out to us.

  5. OORah4life says:

    So much for the …
    So much for the magic Black man more debt great idea.

  6. rjphammond says:

    Of course you have …
    Of course you have a choice in your healthcare, but when obamacare taxes the out of private insurance so companies switch to obamacare, you’ll see how much of a choice you really have…

  7. pluto4847 says:

    Was …

    Was it Walter Mondale that wanted to cut medicare or was it Reagen? Can you remember?

  8. pluto4847 says:


    Right on buddy! Lets go a step further, lets stop paying taxes altogether!
    I hate paying to support public schools, libaries, post offices, road repairs, and fire department. They are all useless social programs we don’t need!
    I mean last winter, the Government tried to regulate my road with ‘Salt Tax.’ I had to contribute to the salting of the roads. That’sa ludicrous!
    Now they want to tax healthcare? Jees! Oh my!
    I have a rolls royce that needs repaired, no more TAXES!

  9. bond519 says:

    What is 13 inches …
    What is 13 inches long and hangs in front of of a butt hole? Barack Obama’s tie!

  10. mediathinktank says:

    nice one Obama,.

    nice one Obama,.
    Lets do this

  11. bond519 says:

    Actually Obama …
    Actually Obama didn’t need 4 minutes to explain his plan. He only needed about 30 seconds. Here it is. So here is what Obama is saying: Everything I say that I am going to do for America is a lie, Everything I do for America is going to be a communistic plan and I am the most immoral and unethical bonehead ever as president.

  12. TheRosana4065 says:

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  13. bond519 says:

    @dragonsder: What …
    @dragonsder: What timetable. Do you actually think that Obama has had any new Idea for a time table. In fact during the election he was basically going to have the troups home within a few months but looks like he lied to us all about that point also. Face it. Obama is nothing but a liar. Worse yet he is a communistic liar.

  14. dragonsder says:


    Actually …

    Actually nevermind the new Afghanistan timetable is a good thing too

  15. bond519 says:

    @dragonsder: You …
    @dragonsder: You call that good? If that is the good that he has done then he has sold out every American Citizen. He is the biggest traitor in the country.

  16. dragonsder says:

    I always supported …
    I always supported Obama but I don’t think he has done much good other than passing healthcare reform so far.

  17. zbbchickenfriedfan says:

    @bond519 Not only …
    @bond519 Not only does he lie every time he opens his mouth, but have you noticed how he looks down his nose when is giving speeches. It appears that he thinks he is better than everyone that takes the time to listen to his lies. He is way beneath me.

  18. Obamabelyinagain says:

    My youtube name …
    My youtube name says it all!!!!

  19. bond519 says:

    The Robot started …
    The Robot started talking about NASCAR and drinking. The man left but came back the third time. Again the Robot asked him “What will you have”? “A Martini” said the man. Again the Robot made the best Martini he has ever had. The Robot again asked him “What is your I.Q? The man said “50”. The Robot leaned over and asked him ” So are you still happy that you voted for Obama?

  20. bond519 says:

    A man walks into a …
    A man walks into a bar that has a Robot Bartender. The Robot ask “What will you have”? The man says “A Martini”. The Robot makes him the best martini he has ever had. The Robot ask him, “What is your I.Q? 168 he says. The Robot then talks about Physics and Chemestry. The man leaves but decides to come back. The robot again asks him what he would like and like before he says “A Martini”. The Robot again makes the best Martini. The Robot ask him again, what is your I.Q? He says 100. (continued)

  21. Gahillbillyusa says:

    Mister President I …
    Mister President I worked with a major utility contractor for 16 years. Fima was a terrible mistake. When we went on storm work we took food and water on every truck. Fima stopped that. Would 100,000 more hand with food and water have helped at catrina. I seen thousands of people that ran to help for all storms turned away. People that knowed what to do and many times had what they needed with them. They also had food and drinks and shared to make them look good. Now that will be heathcare.

  22. Gahillbillyusa says:

    The major pharma …
    The major pharma has already said they have no understanding with the president and have no plan to lower any drug cost. I have used this in court before myself. I told a judge your new laws are void. The contitution says there can be no ammendment to ammend it from its original form. They cant make anything stand that would take there liberty to run there business as they choose. That could be in court many years and leave us paying for worthless insurance ordered by law till it all falls apart

  23. Gahillbillyusa says:

    If the doctor was …
    If the doctor was in control I would feel much better about this. But to say the insurance company will do the right thing is foolish. Im sure they have one of the biggest group of lawyers in the world working to stop anything he makes them do. We may not have the money to fight congress in court, But they do and will get there contitutional right for the govt to not get in there business. We will still have to pay it, we just wont get what congress and the president say we get.

  24. b1gr1g says:

    Obama, Obama, Obama …
    Obama, Obama, Obama!!!!!

  25. laosuwan says:

    “we wil offer you” …
    “we wil offer you”

    As if he is paying for this personally, and its a gift.

    Its so pathetic. a developing country like Thailand has better health care and lower cost than the usa.

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