25 Responses to “Weekly Address: Giving Thanks for Those Who Serve”

  1. wowthatwasawful says:

    every morning i …
    every morning i wake up a little happier knowing that our president is both literate and a decent human being. thank you for being my president, sir.

  2. diah4 says:

    talk, talk, talk… …
    talk, talk, talk….blah…blah….blah

  3. ObamaSnippetsDotCom says:

    “Obama QUITTING in …
    “Obama QUITTING in 2012!”
    Only at ObamaSnippetsDotCom

  4. MrTabby5000 says:


    Hey …

    Hey thats capitalism,if you dont like it move to canada.If harley wants to move to india its their decision,just dont buy them and they will go bankrupt.

  5. elviseric says:

    How are you?

    How are you?
    you are doing a great job.
    Rock on

  6. Armigerous says:

    Metaphor of the day …
    Metaphor of the day: Dems say Obama rebound is coming, Obama gets 12 stitches in lip after basketball game.

  7. chaumont20 says:

    @merkus79 You and …
    @merkus79 You and the Democrats were Mortified on Nov 2nd. Please get ready for another beatdown in 2012. Btw it would be a good idea to get Liberalism and Progressivism out of Washington D.C. until we get this economy humming again but feel free to come back in the year 2100,

  8. chaumont20 says:

    @27odelgado Who’s …
    @27odelgado Who’s going to clean up President Obama and the Democrats mess since 2006 !

  9. MrCo2productions says:

    ive always wanted …
    ive always wanted to talk to the president or meet him

  10. Josephdaz1 says:

    Where’s my shovel …
    Where’s my shovel and hip boots? Guess he won’t be flossing for a while.

  11. Shadmed2 says:

    @BuckOffama Because …
    @BuckOffama Because, you know, the best place to discuss is in the internet.

  12. vancouver13 says:


  13. MYheroMJrip says:

    he looks cross eyed …
    he looks cross eyed here. but i still love him.

  14. BuckOffama says:

    Creating jobs? By …
    Creating jobs? By having Harley Davidsons put together in India? They’ll now be called “Delhi Davidsons”. Thanks, Barack. How’d ya get that gash on your mouth, anyway? 9-iron?

  15. wowthatwasawful says:

    you’re …

    you’re doing a great job of converting everyone to your weirdass conspiracy theory by having inside jokes with yourself, but maybe next time just type up the comments in notepad and then click x. i guarantee you will get the same number of converts.

  16. TheAmazingamerica says:

    The problem is we …
    The problem is we are throwing it all away for xsrael.

  17. Seasonchange1 says:

    @27odelgado … I …
    @27odelgado … I agree! Thank you President Obama for your hard work. God Bless you and this great country.

  18. thecardcollector96 says:

    Happy Turkey day mr …
    Happy Turkey day mr. Obama! 😀

  19. memama2 says:

    tobsol We are sick …
    tobsol We are sick to death of O’BlahBlah <<< and the tokyoO’z daily lies

  20. bandar1sam says:

    الله يستجيب لدعوة …
    الله يستجيب لدعوة جدتكـ ..قووول آآآميييين

  21. 2xtream says:

    One last note: Why …
    One last note: Why do we need a puppet reading a script? Why don’t just an Avatar spewing what the puppet master wish to say>?

  22. 2xtream says:

    it’s really Sad …
    it’s really Sad that Barry Soetoro thinks he has a grip on what’s what… Well just wait, very soon his puppet masters will be flushing him down the toilet just as they did his predecessors…

    The U.S. Presidency is nothing more then a job where one does the bidding of the masters behind the curtain… Is the U.S is about to enter battle with N. Korea? If so that would be a lame psyop where Barry Soetoro can save us. Americans see through the psyop Barry!


  23. 2xtream says:

    @straightarrow372 …
    @straightarrow372 That’s a very stupid, lame comment. Something I would expect form an Obamanoid… Here’s one for you Bamanoid, If you don’t like what you read in the comment section don’t read them… Your as smart as Barry Soetoro… rofl
    BTW, I guess you just as Barry don’t understand the principles of FREE SPEECH !!!


  24. 27odelgado says:

    Best President. He …
    Best President. He had the biggest task by cleaning up the Bush’s mess. I give him lots of praise for doing a great job.

  25. Renathra says:

    @Amurana …
    @Amurana topdocumentaryfilms[dot]com/the-obama-deception/

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