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  1. mamtadhody says:

    Treaty of …
    Treaty of Good-neighborly Relations and Friendly Co-operation between the Republic of Hungary and the Slovak Republic
    Paris, 19 March 1995.
    (This is a slightly revised version of the relevant sections of the English text, which was translated into English by the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Hungarian and Slovak.)

  2. ninunaia says:

    @mamtadhody please …
    @mamtadhody please stop spamming. At least post a video about what you’re trying to say, then blog on that. What you’re writing has no relevance to this video.

  3. mamtadhody says:

    The predominant …
    The predominant method used in the pilot project was interviews of academic experts, community leaders, and government officials. The central question that the project aimed to answer was a reformulation of the objective of the project, namely: What should be done to preserve/ restore peaceful cultural, ethnic, and religious relations in a country with cultural, ethnic, and/or religious diversity?

  4. mamtadhody says:

    This question was …
    This question was broken into several components, and reformulated again into related questions actually posed to interviewees, such as: Why does the interviewee propose a particular measure? How should it be implemented? By whom? What might be its anticipated effect? What alternative proposals exist, in the view of the interviewee, and why does he/she not support them?

  5. mamtadhody says:

    “It takes all sorts …
    “It takes all sorts to make a world”

    Executed at the Institut für Konfliktforschung, Vienna (Austria)

    Prof. Dr. Anton Pelinka, Director
    The Report was written by

    Dr. Dov Ronen, Principal Investigator
    May 1999
    You are in the MOST Phase I website (1994-2003).
    The MOST Phase II website is available at .unesco.org/shs/most.

  6. geofiles says:



    What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on this website is now dumber for having read it. May God protect and have mercy on you.

  7. geofiles says:

    @wolfgangfaust Pray …
    @wolfgangfaust Pray for what? Obama already believes he is God.

  8. mamtadhody says:

    In this world of …
    In this world of evil too

    it is God which gives mental balance and strength to move ahead in spite of all diversities.


  9. karl1234ify says:

    @geofiles that …
    @geofiles that would be IMPOSSIBLE since there’s not an ounce of intellect in your body.

  10. geofiles says:

    NONE of the Obama …
    NONE of the Obama worshippers state the fact that Obama (and the Democrats in Congress & Senate) praised & backed the sub-prime lenders that have played a large role in destroying our economy? None of them mention that Bush tried, since 2001, to put restrictions on the sub-prime lenders (17 times he tried in 2008 alone), but the Dems in Congress & Senate never listened.

    Then they praise Obama & blame the Republicans.

    The leftists are a bunch of idiots.

  11. geofiles says:

    There will be no …
    There will be no recovery until Obama is out of office, or the democrats lose the senate. Small businesses are the only ones that can lead us out of this Obama super mess (SPREAD THE WEALTH). Already it is being written in history Obama is a failure. Overall, Obama has brought shame to his race, his family and America. Europe no longer believes him for being an outright liar, and now the world laughs at the American people.

  12. geofiles says:


    I …

    I agree . . . and we need to IMPEACH OBAMA and put him in PRISON for TREASON.

    Obama is the worst and most dangerous president ever in American history!

  13. geofiles says:

    I want everyone to …
    I want everyone to notice the cheap garbage videos this DISGUSTING fake Administration is pushing …


    Obama is nothing more than a cheap con artist, and Wall Street Bankster puppet, and an impotent joke.

    Look at the other videos; do they have ANYTHING to do with politics?

    Looks like a Hitler YOUTH indoctrination program to me.

    This Administration should be ashamed by their NAZI tactics….

  14. karl1234ify says:

    @DemocraticFreedom …
    @DemocraticFreedom go “impeach” yourself you dumb retard.

  15. geofiles says:

    Do you think Obama …
    Do you think Obama is doing a wonderful job on protecting our boarders? We now have roughly 3,500 acres of taxpayer-funded government land in Arizona closed to U.S. citizens due to safety concerns fueled by drug and human smuggling along the Mexican border, according to a statement posted on the website for the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge.

  16. wolfgangfaust says:

    “fed stooge one” …
    “fed stooge one” and his obamacrat buddies are pin-headed cretins if they believe anything other than die hard Obots are going to buy any of his bullshit as presented in this informercial. we have all been had.
    pray for obama-PSALM 109:8

  17. geofiles says:

    Obama and his …
    Obama and his fellow socialist liberals in Washington have made enormous changes in the level of government spending and power. They have repealed welfare reform, set us on course to socialized health care, put an energy policy in place that will drastically increase our gas and electricity costs and cripple industry, and are waging war on productive people and businesses. A recent Newsweek cover declared, “We are all socialists now.”

  18. geofiles says:

    Rather than cutting …
    Rather than cutting back like the rest of us, which is treated as some kind of monumentally impossible task (the result of endless, dependence-creating nanny state handouts), Obama and our Democrat Party represntatives in Washington insist that the only solution is to further cripple our already teetering economy with a sweeping tax hike on regular working families.

  19. geofiles says:

    Thanks to President …
    Thanks to President Barack Obama and his Democratic agenda, more than 2,300 candidates are running for 471 House and Senate seats in the midterms. It’s the highest number of candidates in at least 35 years, according to data provided by the Federal Election Commission, which began tracking candidates in 1975.
    The field is heavily Republican, with almost twice as many GOP candidates as Democrats, and several hundred independent and third-party challengers.

  20. mamtadhody says:

    Henry Davison, Founding father of the League of Red Cross societies.
    In 1919, representatives from the national Red Cross societies of Britain, France, Italy, Japan, and the US came together in Paris to found the “League of Red Cross Societies”. The original idea was Henry Davison’s, then president of the American Red Cross.

  21. mamtadhody says:

    This move, led by …
    This move, led by the American Red Cross, expanded the international activities of the Red Cross movement beyond the strict mission of the ICRC to include relief assistance in response to emergency situations which were not caused by war (such as man-made or natural disasters).

  22. mamtadhody says:

    History of the FBI

    History of the FBI
    Rise of a Wired World: 1993-2001

    Louis J. Freeh was sworn in as Director of the FBI on September 1, 1993. Freeh had served as an FBI Agent from 1975 to 1981. He was appointed U.S. District Court Judge for the Southern District of New York in 1991 and served on that Court until he was nominated to be Director of the FBI during the summer of 1993.

  23. mamtadhody says:

    Director Freeh …
    Director Freeh began his tenure with a clearly articulated agenda to respond to deepening and evolving crime problems both at home and abroad. During the summer of 1994, determined to forge strong, international police partnerships, Director Freeh led a delegation of high-level diplomatic and federal law enforcement officials to meet with senior officials of 11 European nations on international crime issues.

  24. mamtadhody says:

    At the outset, …
    At the outset, Richard Holbrooke, US Ambassador to Germany, declared, “This is the evolving American foreign policy. Law Enforcement is at the forefront of our national interest in this part of the world.” On July 4, 1994, Director Freeh officially announced the opening of an FBI Legal Attaché Office in Moscow, the old seat of Russian communism.Subsequently, the Bureau sharpened joint efforts against organized crime,

  25. mamtadhody says:

    drug-trafficking, …
    drug-trafficking, and terrorism, and it expanded standardized training of international police in investigative processes, ethics, leadership, and professionalism, including in April 1995, the opening of the first International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) in Budapest, Hungary (pictured left). The Bureau also expanded its international presence by opening 21 new Legal Attaché offices overseas.

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