4 Responses to “What health insurance is best and affordable for my husband?”

  1. iola says:

    Try this site, if you want to find the best or the cheapest health insurance just in one minute,


    Here you can get free quotes from different companies in your area, its the best way to find an affordable health insurance with a reliable company.

    Hope this help,
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  2. Anthony S says:

    first of all, you had a baby 3 months ago. but is your husband working?

    if he is, then he gets insurance thru his job. and he gets insurance for you and the baby, unless he is self employed or got a crappy job.

    all depends on what state you live in. i would suggest you google health insurance and see what pops up.

    you can also contact the hospital registry and they should be able to help you with that information.
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  3. Wisen Smart says:

    Click on to Blue/Cross in your state and check out the affordable plans they have now called Blues. They even have a number to call. I have found them to be the most affordable, yet, good coverage for the money.
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  4. Jeff says:

    Assuming that it’s not available through either of your employers…find an independent agent located in your state. Each state is different and you want someone that represents many carriers and understands your state’s options. A good agent will shop around and compare multiple plans for you. Also beware of the inexpensive limited benefit or discount plans.
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