15 Responses to “Where Is My National Health Insurance Card?”

  1. BurnsideStudios08 says:

    Obama/Palin all the …
    Obama/Palin all the way!

  2. cdmtxYR says:

    This video is BS …
    This video is BS all the way

  3. bradensmagic says:

    Insurance companies …
    Insurance companies control health care. They make all the decisions and create rules to restrict care and gain money. They put your health at a price tag and give it low value. We need to eliminate this. In single payer all government does is give access to the health care system. All decisions are given to you and your doctor and treatment is based on needs not money. WAITS CAN BE CONTROLLED by making sure all treatments and care are on needs and not wants. So NO GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER IS CORRECT

  4. peejay1on1 says:

    in the philippines, …
    in the philippines, if you broke a leg.. and you have insurance.. you dont need to pay anything.. its free

  5. russbowall212 says:

    Yes the health care …
    Yes the health care system in this country has major problems that need to be fixed. But getting rid of health insurance completly and handing over to the government is like cutting off your arm because you broke your finger. We need to figure out what the problem is instead of just looking to our government to fix our problems. This is not the governments job, it is ours. Lets take some personal responsibility America, and stop looking for someone to fix everything for us.

  6. drooney2 says:

    its funny because …
    its funny because britain where i live is free i brake my leg i get a major operation 12 screws and cast for a week costs me … erm nothing… americans it costs you 500-2,000 for just one god screw
    at last america in a hole filled to the rim with haha:L

  7. thoughtsurfer1 says:

    I once got a blood …
    I once got a blood test from a doctor. The private lab sent me a bill for $250, because the insurance company didn’t cover those kinds of test. WHAT! MEDICAL TESTS! The doctor suggested I get a lawyer. That’s the foul face of private heatlh insurance. We need public health ASSURANCE. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

  8. johnnyboypdq says:






    GET RID OF THE 16MILLION Illegal Aliens and things might turn around.

    STOP the governemnt from taking over health care, get them out of education, BANKING, Housing and FOOD Trade!


  9. Socialgreenman says:

    I am all for HR 676 …
    I am all for HR 676–single-payer health care for all. But I believe that in order for HR 676 to be enacted into law there has to be an Amendment Propsal to the Constitution that would state that health care is a civil and human right to everyone within the borders of the United States.

  10. travelfar22 says:

    No more Profit$ …
    No more Profit$ over People!
    NADER/Gonzalez are for single-payer Health Care
    so ALL Americans will have it and the MAJORITY want.
    NO more PAY-or-DIE Healthcare $ystem!
    18,000 Americans WILL DIE next year who lack access to health care!
    47 Million Americans HAVE NO health care!
    Vote Nader/Gonzalez ’08!

  11. bigdog49094 says:

    We are busy right …
    We are busy right now with National Mortgage Industry but we will get to National Health Care and we will be dependent on Government for cradle to grave existence.

  12. odetomy says:

    HR 676 (Universal …
    HR 676 (Universal Single-Payer Health Care for ALL)!!! Contact Congress and tell them to vote YES!!

  13. bh735 says:

    I’m a permanent …
    I’m a permanent resident and my family and I still don’t have health insurance; so imagine millions of legal immigrants who don’t have green card…I mean…why is that health insurance is determined by political boundary? Woops my bad…not even political boundary, b/c lots of US citizens don’t have health insurance either…I’m from South Korea a tiny county lot less developed and lot more government corrupt that US and they have national health insurance!!!

  14. cherylpova says:

    Awesome video. …
    Awesome video. Can’t believe this kind of stuff goes on. How can the government let people go bankrupt? If this is, supposedly, the greatest country in the world how come so many other countries are doing a better job of caring for their citizens?

  15. ZolandtheConquerer says:

    This whole system …
    This whole system is completely screwed up and backwards. How can insurance companies just deny someone treatment? What is even the point then of being insured? Shouldn’t our government be looking out for our best interests on an issue that affects each and every one of its citizens?

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