25 Responses to “White House White Board: CEA Chair Austan Goolsbee Explains the Tax Cut Fight”

  1. haumana33 says:

    Not true. Don’t …
    Not true. Don’t believe the propaganda. The higher income people are employing people in small business. Right now, they’re not hiring anyone because of all the uncertainty. If the Democrats had the votes, they would vote — they don’t need the Republicans as they are the majority. It is the Dems that stopped the vote.

  2. sriquinator says:

    One example of why …
    One example of why rich people should pay a larger percent of their taxes is because of the externality of costs, and their benefit being much larger by the government bearing these costs. These include such things as systemic risks, pollution, public investment + public consumption, transportation, education, lowering relative wages, health costs, transfer payments being much larger, ect.

  3. redleg15 says:

    Wait this guy …
    Wait this guy speaks perfect English… What is the need for subtitles? There is a seperate internet program for the deaf. Who is this aimed at? My family were not initially native english speakers. They adapted, overcame and succeeded in America.

  4. redfish4160 says:

    Flat Tax of 20-25% …
    Flat Tax of 20-25% starting AFTER $30,000 that is what needs to be done

  5. izaac20 says:

    @LEDshooter You do …
    @LEDshooter You do not get it ,we played that game and nothing came out of it but over a trillion dollars of debt . Rising tax on the rich is not going hurt the US ,becasue when Bush gave the rich two different tax cuts ,were did that money went too,over seas to build planets for production . So how you came up with a lame ideal that raising taxes on the rich will cut jobs.If you was a thinker you would have known sense out-source all of the US jobs were out-sourced.

  6. GatorPwn says:

    @supraTruth By ” …
    @supraTruth By “SUPER&ULTRArich” I hope that you mean Al Gore and George Soros? Sigh, if you only realized that The “SUPER&ULTRArich” give us high-paying jobs… pity

  7. DigitalDogg21 says:


  8. Mitsyrules says:

    Ew…nice Glenn …
    Ew…nice Glenn Beck impression. Anyway, I don’t think that the rich and middle class should pay an equal percent of their incomes. Flat tax baby. I don’t agree with the rich getting more tax breaks than the middle class, but I don’t agree with them having to pay a higher percentage either. That is called class warfare.

  9. supraTruth says:

    @ryanrc :

    The …
    @ryanrc :

    The SUPER&ULTRArich need to pay a higher % because they have more to lose if our system fails. They pay WAY TOO LITTLE these days & the middle class pay WAY TOO MUCH. The middle class are usually just a few paychecks from losing their homes if they lose their jobs; but the SUPER&ULTRArich do not suffer that reality. The $ are needed to provide ALL of US the safety-nets to keep the UNfortunate old from wandering the streets looking for the POORhouse as they did BEFORE S.S.

  10. AlbaGoBragh says:

    @CarpeMetus No I am …
    @CarpeMetus No I am not saying the SEIU is good. I think the SEIU is disgusting. They are Obama’s thugs. They are used as astroturf to show up and demonstrate for one failed Obama policy after another. They infiltrate Tea Parties by showing up with racist signs and oh so conveniently find the news reporters and end up on the evening news.

  11. ryanrc says:

    @hantengliao The …
    @hantengliao The flat tax isn’t the problem it’s the type of government.

  12. ryanrc says:

    I’ll make it easy …
    I’ll make it easy for you slow people out there. I shouldn’t have to pay any more than you in taxes. If I make 1,000,000 and you only make 100,000, we should all only have to pay a fair percentage, lets say 15%. You would pay 15,000 and I would pay 150,000 in taxes! Why should I have to pay more to the government? I may make more, but my style of living is probably higher too. It’s the % not the values that matter.

  13. TheNemiShow says:

    Here’s what I was …
    Here’s what I was thinking…..you say “that would cost 700 billion dollars” as if that is your money-no, that money actually belongs to the people who made it and they are giving YOU a portion of it. But ot treat it like you are entitled to their money-isn’t that crazy? I mean, doesn’t that sound crazy even to you? You take someone’s money and then you give them a little back and you say “it cost us….” as if it’s a cost from you-uh no, it’s their money in the 1st place….so it cost THEM.

  14. CarpeMetus says:

    @AlbaGoBragh Are …
    @AlbaGoBragh Are you saying SEIU is good?
    I have lived in an SEIU household my entire life including having family members as union stewards.
    I even helped bring SEIU to a hospital in HS helping with fliers and voting and info.

    SEIU corruption stories just from first hand experience from my family has gotten exponentially worse year after year.
    As for the good workers most are good, but when I wait for a Dr appoitment and hear a union worker say and fully believe a raise is a right of law….

  15. supraTruth says:

    @GatorPwn : Do U …
    @GatorPwn : Do U have any concept of how long it takes from planning to breaking ground? Thanks for reminding US that there are still more stimulus $ in the system to be distributed.

  16. supraTruth says:

    NO; bin laden is.

    NO; bin laden is.

    & U T-CONS are helping him make US poorer as a nation.

  17. AlbaGoBragh says:

    @CarpeMetus “Unions …
    @CarpeMetus “Unions were once needed, now they are a cancer upon USA.” I mostly agree with that statement but I have a friend who in one of the construction unions and they act more like an employment service.

    The real problem is that most union members are good people who are loyal to some of the most corrupt union leaders. Well except for SEIU, I think they are all corrupt.

  18. TLydon007 says:

    ” …

    “Its abundantly clear that you have no clue about income taxation. Do a little research on flow through entities if you care to at least enlighten yourself.”
    It’s when the profits made aren’t taxed at the business(entity) level and is treated as treated as income to the shareholders.
    Are you saying Joe the Plumber was a flow through entity??
    I guess that’s enlightening..

  19. eventual11 says:

    Fuck Obama.

    He …

    He is enemy #1 to this nation.

  20. GatorPwn says:

    “Giving these big …
    “Giving these big red eggs to the very high-income people would cost $700 billion that we would have to borrow to give it.” Oh, but we had no problem with passing an $862 billion stimulus bill. >_> (We haven’t even spent a half of it.) By the way, a whiteboard? Glenn Beck rip off? A couple months ago the administration was making fun of the blackboard idea. Oh well, I guess Glenn’s right. AGAIN.

  21. LEDshooter says:

    @TLydon007 He is …
    @TLydon007 He is taxed from the $250k gross not the $65k net take home moron! 65k is after taxes and over head. Jesus Christ are you freaking serious? This is why this country is in such trouble because people are freaking IDIOTS!

    This so called “Obama plan” is nothing more than redistributing wealth from the contributors to the non contributors. It’s as simple as that. Wealthy people own businesses and create jobs, NOT GOVT!

  22. IfThatsWhatYourInto says:

    I rather like the …
    I rather like the rich fat cats that Washington loves to demonize. I’ve never gotten hired by a poor man and how it would cost the country billions to gives these individuals the money that they’ve already rightfully earned on their own makes no sense. Perhaps the WH has made commitments that they will not be able to honor if said tax cuts for the rich pass? And I find it funny how this individual makes a big deal out of $700B when this admin. throws that kind of dough around all the time.

  23. hantengliao says:

    @B2AV3 So basically …
    @B2AV3 So basically you want the flat tax system that is used in Russia and other East European countries?
    Wikipedia “Flat tax” Article, Check the countries which use flat tax system. Perhaps you want to live in those countries I guess

  24. gimsdale1001 says:

    @TLydon: Its …
    @TLydon: Its abundantly clear that you have no clue about income taxation. Do a little research on flow through entities if you care to at least enlighten yourself. This video is just more propaganda like the “Bush tax cuts were only for the Wealthy” crap. Even worse, is that this cartoonish video is mathematically incorrect and extremely deceptive (see my other post). Hey, what do tea partiers and progressives have in common? Answer: Both don’t want to pay 1penny more for government.

  25. TLydon007 says:

    I get …

    I get the feeling that you know for a fact that I’m right about the difference between taxable income and business profits..
    It doesn’t matter, though.
    If it makes you feel good, just believe whatever absurd things you want to believe. If you like to think that small business owners declare all profits as income, go ahead. Just don’t expect anyone to ever invest in your business.

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