25 Responses to “Why We Need Government-Run Universal Socialized Health Insurance”

  1. allgoo19 says:

    “It …

    “It is illegal for a doctor provide free care..”

    Google, “Free medical care” and you’ll get lots of hits.

    Why 22yr old person knows so much about something took place before he or she was born?

  2. davijeph says:

    @rctube1958 How do …
    @rctube1958 How do those millions of US citizens who for a variety of valid reasons cannot support themselves find the money to pay for health insurance even if they get 100% tax relief on their payments? No way to get income + no support from taxpayer + limited access to charity = penury, hopelessness, homelessness, starvation, no health care and early death. Ron Paul would say, sure why not, then go to Church and listen to the sermon on the mount.

  3. Rgonzalez1341 says:

    lol you trust the …
    lol you trust the goverment. to handle all that money’.. IF you want socialized medicine GO to fuckn CANADA and take all the other progresssssssive with you DONT Come back….But very good PROPAGANDA video..

  4. calvinhobbesliker2 says:

    @rctube1958 So you …
    @rctube1958 So you want to get rid of taxes?

  5. RobinSpence100 says:


  6. nafaidni says:


  7. DSXmachine says:

    Why do we need to …
    Why do we need to rely on the government to provide these services?

  8. urbtube1 says:

    wow andy, you …
    wow andy, you really believe that the government is doing a “good job”? i can only shake my head. government is never corrupt…. we all know that.
    also, the federal government doesn’t pay for police, fire and education. that all comes out of property taxes. please check your facts. give ron paul 10 minutes of your time, and you might change your tune and turn around 180 degrees.

  9. rctube1958 says:

    Is it possible that …
    Is it possible that everything is not up to democratic vote? That there are limits to what a government should be able to do? That it requires more than a demonstrated need before government can decide to socialize a cost? Are there any limits to what government can do? The government has no legitimate right to compel one man to support another. That is left to individual charity. If you want more of that then encourage people to go to church.

  10. ryanpmurphy says:

    I am sure you …
    I am sure you don’t remember because I am sure you are to young to, but there used to be these things called Charity Hospitals. Do you know what happened at these hospitals? Doctors (you know those evil guys that want a profit) used to donate their time to treat people. For Free!

    What you might ask happened? Medicare Happened. It is illegal for a doctor provide free care and accept Medicare. Look it up. Get your facts straight by doing some research instead of making little stick figures.

  11. kubaniski says:

    @ericleb01 its …
    @ericleb01 its absolutely beautiful and the weather is great, but the high taxes have driven many business out of the state, the state government has been implementing numerous welfare policies that the state has no way to pay for, and now California is looking like it’s going to be the next Greece.

  12. ericleb01 says:

    @kubaniski Lol, …
    @kubaniski Lol, that sucks. Looked like a nice place to live 😛

  13. kubaniski says:

    @ericleb01 ohh my …
    @ericleb01 ohh my friend thats because you’ve never lived in California. and that doesn’t include sales taxes.

  14. ericleb01 says:

    @kubaniski Agh, …
    @kubaniski Agh, sorry, it’s from 10% to 35% on average here. My bad, was thinking of sales tax, lol.

    I don’t think many pay 60% in your country. But I can’t really vouch for that.

  15. kubaniski says:

    @ericleb01 you have …
    @ericleb01 you have 6%-15%, we have from 10%-60% depending on income and the state in which a person lives. We understand that taxes are necessary, but the US gov spends more than we have and taxes us too much as it is.

  16. FangsUpCobraFans says:

    One issue: with the …
    One issue: with the lack of
    Competition, won’t the standard for healthcare go down? A fire is either out or it’s not. Health is a bit of a grey area

  17. SamBuchser says:

    @ericleb01 i’m just …
    @ericleb01 i’m just hoping Rice runs for president next year.

  18. ericleb01 says:

    @SamBuchser Lol, …
    @SamBuchser Lol, chill, I never targeted you specifically. I was speaking in a broad, general sense. Obama was chosen because of his literature level and his speeches. He was too young and should have waited a few years before being elected. I would have rather picked Clinton or someone else who was a candidate on the Democratic ballot.

    But Bush, twice; that was the major issue.

  19. SamBuchser says:

    @ericleb01 here’s a …
    @ericleb01 here’s a hint for you; I’M A MINOR. I JUST TURNED 18 A MONTH AGO. I’ve only had the power to vote for a month, and had no say in the last two elections. and i disliked both candidates.
    another thing; I LIKED BUSH. at least he wasn’t a communist. look at the “stuff” accompanying Obama: rev. wright? Frank Marshall Davis? ACORN? i mean really, an organization that SUPPORTS prostitution of minors?? get real; Obama is a terrible president. i didnt pick him. funny enough, you guys like him

  20. ericleb01 says:

    @SamBuchser Here’s …
    @SamBuchser Here’s a tip then: you are a Democratic country. How about picking the correct president, for starters? You wanted Bush, you got the he came accompanied with. You wanted Obama as Democratic leader? You got the slow pace he came with.

    And they don’t do anything with that money. A responsible government uses it correctly and efficiently. And I don’t know about you, but ours is doing just fine with it.

  21. SamBuchser says:

    @ericleb01 Yes we …
    @ericleb01 Yes we Americans are scared of taxes; what they do is give power. We are Americans. We take a stand and hold our ground. WE are in charge of OURSELVES. WE make the choices we want to make, NOT BIG BROTHER. WE run the gov. THEY do NOT run US. yes, taxes are what allow the government to do _anything_. SCARY THOUGHT. they SHOULD NOT be able to do _anything_. we have a framed document stating just that.

  22. ericleb01 says:

    @SamBuchser I know …
    @SamBuchser I know where taxes come from (though, thankfully as a student, I get it all back… for now), but you have to realize that it’s literally taxes which allows the government to do _anything_. We have taxes ranging from 6% to 15% here in Canada (depending on the province) for a reason. You have low taxes? Fine, but don’t complain when your country goes into debt, because taxes, while annoying to pay, are essential.

    And for some reason, most of you Americans are scared of them.

  23. SamBuchser says:

    @ericleb01 you’re …
    @ericleb01 you’re right, ignorance is bliss. you shouldn’t be getting carried away… okay, i was mistaken, i was looking at state debt. but maybe i’m just missing something… where do taxes come from? clearly you’re not a working man if you don’t even know what happens to that 10% to 35% of your income each year. Ya know, Walter Cronkite said the same thing during the Vietnam War. Fact is, if it weren’t for thant sickly unAmerican attitude, all statistics pointed to us winning.
    their is europe

  24. gentzelpwns says:


  25. august14jc says:

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