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  1. coq10wellness says:

    First of all CoQ10 …
    First of all CoQ10 is not a vitamin. Vitamins are nutrients that your body cannot produce internally, but must be ingested as a food or supplement. Where as our body produces CoQ10 in plenty internally. Second the current research does not support CoQ10 as a Preventive but rather as a medicine to treat cardiac diseases.
    Third. Swanson, being a a reputed brand should stop offering CoQ10 in forms that are NOT ubiquinol. It is no secret that ubiquinol is the most bio available form.

  2. gladheateher4now says:

    Is Coq10 ok for …
    Is Coq10 ok for diabetisc? my girlfriend is a retired 911 firefighter,and i would love to find something to boost her energy !!!

  3. swansonvitamins says:

    Yes — Under the …
    Yes — Under the Health Articles Tab — Seven Basic Supplements

  4. spdkillz3 says:

    Very helpful, thank …
    Very helpful, thank you.

  5. thailandtraveltour says:

    thailand order soon!
    thailand order soon!

  6. PowerShrimp1 says:

    Are these video …
    Are these video clips available on your site?

  7. Advice4goodHealth says:

    Great information …
    Great information -much needed at this time
    Thank you

  8. Superdreamkilla says:

    “plant based …
    “plant based digestive enzymes”
    No, you must mean:
    “animal based systemic enzymes”

  9. proverbs150 says:

    Besides coq10 you …
    Besides coq10 you might wanna add L-carnitine d-ribose, magnesium, fish oil. The awsome4some+.

  10. onblock7 says:

    I would replace the …
    I would replace the COQ10 personally with Acerola vitamic C or Vitamin E (Natural) with the co factors in there which has great health benefits. I would add Enzymes in here as well, plant based digestive enzymes which are key to digestion and overall health. Good list they made though, great supplements to take.

  11. zdon25 says:

    1. Vitamin & …
    1. Vitamin & Mineral Complex
    2. Calcium & Magnesium
    3. Fiber
    4. Omega-3 EFAs
    5. Chlorella
    6. Probiotics
    7. CoQ10

  12. jeepgrandmaw says:

    Also think the …
    Also think the supplemens should be listed on all videos in numerical order.

  13. cchicka23 says:

    good video and news
    good video and news

  14. redgrrll says:

    Would be nice if …
    Would be nice if your listed the 7 supplements in numberical order. Good video.

  15. jlcrenshaw says:

    Great display of …
    Great display of information !

  16. FUNMAZA5874 says:

    5 stars
    5 stars

  17. FUNMAZA5874 says:

    good video
    good video

  18. FUNMAZA5874 says:

    5 stars
    5 stars

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