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  1. wayanwiednya says:


    Supplements are exactly that. Products to supplement that gaps in our diet. You have merely described what products you use for your gaps. Though you out of all people must realise that everyone is different down to the cellular level. So in saying this do you really believe that these are the only things that work for others. I’ll throw some other names to you.. Multi-Vitamin, L–Glutamine, Omerga 3, Glucosamine, BCAA’s and Protein on a whole. I understand your comment though

  2. AmericanPowerBase says:

    It’s a bitch!
    It’s a bitch!

  3. cbr6864 says:



    agree i only use creatine and glutamine. i have noticed products that i tried when they first came out had a little something extra in them because i was getting gains as if on real gear.

  4. miguelandkeysha says:

    Since i worked for …
    Since i worked for GNC and Hi Health, been a personal trainer for 4years..And Supplements Are a waste of money it all comes down to nutrition and dieting…Only products i use because they actually help improve my physique. Beta-Alanine Arginine, Creatine Monohydrate. and some caffeine for energy. Other than that training hard and resting is your best bet anytime.

  5. ravikant23091989 says:

    God, i pay so much …
    God, i pay so much money on supplements every month, now i don’t know that whether i get placebo effect or real effect. Or a bit of both. I tried a supplement which claimed that they had 200 mg of caffeine in each serving and i still yawned and felt sleepy after taking that.

  6. vergitacha says:

    Thank You very much …
    Thank You very much…that’s important to know..

  7. Evenomshiv says:

    0:40 ahahah
    0:40 ahahah

  8. torxMonster says:

    Not every supp …
    Not every supp company can be trusted, there are good ones out there, its just common sense..

  9. treybuff11 says:

    i actually saw this …
    i actually saw this movie. veryyy verry good documentry.

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