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  1. herairness says:

    I’m so glad that …
    I’m so glad that you did all the footwork!

  2. shabsy11 says:

    Can i take liquid L …
    Can i take liquid L Carnatine and Ginseng and Guarana for energy boost? I’ve been doing the atkins 4 15 days and i play soccer twice a week, i’ve only lost 6lbs and it goes up and done. I’ve also been doing weights to tone up but don’t think i’ve been drinking enough water, could this be why?

  3. bowulf says:

    You are correct. …
    You are correct. PCRM and PETA want to postulate a myth he had a heart attack which led to the slip and fall on the ice. There is no evidence of that.

  4. newyork3020 says:

    what was dr. atkins …
    what was dr. atkins fate? i thought he past away from an accident not from his diet?

  5. bowulf says:

    He did not have a …
    He did not have a diet related heart attack prior to his death. The only heart attack he had in his life was related to an infection in his cardiac tissue. One incident does not imply a clear history, and the only report stating that was a document released by PCRM a PETA-funded group. Again shocker of bias.

    For one who does not follow PETA, you certainly follow their thinking pretty closely as it relates to the good doctor.

  6. aboss115music says:

    “slipping and …
    “slipping and falling on ice is not a consequence of any diet. ”

    If you believe in that rubbish, then go ahead. Dr. Atkins had a clear history of heart attacks. Perhaps he fell on ice when he had the heart attack LOL

  7. bowulf says:

    That’s my question …
    That’s my question what is healthier foods. Countless studies have shown Atkins Diet and other ketogenic diets to improve one’s health – like heart, obesity, and diabetes. Atkins is filled with healthier foods like steak, cheese, broccoli, non-starchy vegetables.

    Portion control of junk food is still eating junk.

    Cutting corners by eliminating junk and unhealthy foods or exercise like a marathon? Do you even know what the Atkins Diet is? Watch some of my videos first and catch a clue.

  8. bowulf says:

    No, perhaps it is …
    No, perhaps it is more than that. Someone used to eating cheap easy fuel over and over all day long, and suddenly stopping might logically lead to some lethargy. Just because I have energy doesn’t mean I am eating right. I could drink energy drinks all day long or take thermogenic diet pills, and still not be healthy.

    Finally, this is a temporary condition. Still eating the same foods and same nutrients, I have ran marathons. Judging long term health by short term effects is hardly wise.

  9. kyledub213 says:

    Again you are …
    Again you are putting words in my mouth…and putting words in my mouth is like putting carbs in yours I don’t like it. I never insinuated that anyone just do the same thing…Portion control, healtheir foods, exercise…what ever happened to hard work in this country. Instead it’s cutting corners and miracle diets

  10. kyledub213 says:

    You’re missing my …
    You’re missing my point. If you are just overweight and you are attempting to diet and said “diet” makes you sick/tired it is your body telling you that it is not getting essential nutrients. That is common sense. The comment about Dr. Atkins was not relevant it was just a poor joke…I apologize for that, but maybe if he had more energy he could have kept his balance.

  11. bowulf says:

    Finally insanity is …
    Finally insanity is defined by doing the same thing and expecting different results. Eating tons of refined sugars and starches is what is plaguing this country — not eating healthy fats and protein and good vegetables.

  12. bowulf says:

    I am willing to …
    I am willing to postulate that a lot of people who are morbidly obese are suffering from a lack of energy. Changing one’s intake and restricting anything is likely going to impact one’s energy levels. For most, Atkins represents the first time they have the energy to exercise. I would never have run a marathon before Atkins – let alone multiple ones.

    As for the same fate of Dr. Atkins, slipping and falling on ice is not a consequence of any diet.

  13. kyledub213 says:

    The reason you have …
    The reason you have no energy is because you aren’t doing what’s right for your body, simple as that. Don’t suffer the same fate as Dr.Aitkens. If you’ve ever heard the saying “the simplest solution is often the correct one” take that to heart

  14. bowulf says:

    Excess iron can …
    Excess iron can lead to a toxicity. If you are chronically anemic, you probably won’t have problem, but most Atkins followers will eat enough iron in their diet to not require additional iron. I am surprised your local Wal-mart didn’t have any without iron — you may need to NOT look for gender specific vitamins and just generic active vitamins.

  15. lilyflowertulip says:

    HI! I have one …
    HI! I have one more question. 🙂 I looked at all the multi vitamins at wal-mart and wasn’t able to find any without iron. I got the one with the least iron (18 mg) in it. I haven’t actually been able to find out why we’re not supposed to take iron. So, if you know, is there some really good reason why I shouldn’t take my multi vitamin? (like tentacles growing out of my ears….) If not I’m going to use them. Even multi vitamins with iron are better than none, right?

  16. bowulf says:

    If you click on ” …
    If you click on “more info” link on the right side video notes, there are links to the supplements mentioned in the video. (CoQ10, L-Carnitine, chromium picolinate, etc.).

  17. moniqdannrath says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the information! Is there a way you could list these mentioned in your video? ?

  18. VeeVeeVeeV says:

    reply to: te7as6b

    reply to: te7as6b

    vegetarianism / atkinism / jenny craigism / weight watcherism / junk foodism etc…. is ALL about personal CHOICES….

    oh… and then for some … it’s about how it makes us feel.

    did you by chance see one of the first videos of bowulf? see the comparison…..

  19. bowulf says:

    I do 100 mg (2×50) …
    I do 100 mg (2×50) of CoQ10 each day, and the Biotin amount — there is no correct amount. It’s recommended that most people should get 30 micrograms per day, but there are studies that up to 10 milligrams have shown no negative consequences. My multi- has Biotin in it, so I believe I am good.

  20. amricanka says:

    How much OF Biotin …
    How much OF Biotin and CQ-10 A DAY?

  21. bowulf says:

    Really, I treat the …
    Really, I treat the pills or supplements more reactively than some. It’s more prove that my diet is insufficient first by a medical test or a symptom (like fatigue, hair loss, or whatever), and then I’ll address it.

    So really, my only recommendation is start taking a good multi-vitamin, and you should be fine. I am a less is more kind of guy.

    Another good person on the subject on Youtube is Spikyhairgirl. She goes a bit more proactively with her supplements.

  22. ima11that says:

    so what pills …
    so what pills should i get? chromium? magnesium? multi with no iron? omega 3? i havent taken any yet, but i want to stay healthy! thanks, any help is appreciated!

  23. bowulf says:

    Why would one need …
    Why would one need grain? There are large number of people in the world that have no access to grain. They may eat rice or vegetables, etc or as the Inuit used to strictly an extremely low carb diet. I would say a balanced diet is one that meets your nutrition intake of vitamins and minerals, and enables you exercise and rebuild your muscles.

    There is nothing inherent in whole grains that make it necessary. Energy / Fiber can be gotten elsewhere. The only real need for pills is a multi-.

  24. ima11that says:

    hey ken, ive been …
    hey ken, ive been on the diet for a month now and have lost 25lbs. im 5’9, went from 190 to 165. my goal weight is 150, im just worried about my health. i feel better than ever but after reading all the negative crap online, i got nervous. i read we NEED whole wheat grain in our body, and a balanced diet. what is your input? would pills take care of everything else? thanks a lot ken,

  25. TheTypicalGirl says:

    I had energy almost …
    I had energy almost right away on Atkins. She didn’t say if she was exercising though.

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