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  1. Gstar says:

    What are some good body building supplements?
    Hey guys it be great if you guys can tell me some supplements that give you the BEST results for weight training and it be great if you guys dont say like creatine, protein like give me the name of the supplement that would be great guys thanks.

  2. teandbikkies says:

    Make your own banana smoothie. Milk, 1 raw egg, honey, half banana, mix.
    Drink a bit of extra water. Orange juice. If you eat properly you should not need too many supplements.
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    Another option,

  3. jonnymax34 says:

    I use creatine and whey protein to get the best gains. I also supplement fish oil pills to keep my fat burn going and help testosterone production. You need protein no matter what to build muscle and the creatine, when taken properly and with lots of water, is a great way to increase muscle mass. Recent studies have been done to show creatine does a lot more then what previously thought. But like since you didn’t want to hear all that i’m guessing you want to be told to try steroids. So go ahead lose your hair and grow boobs at least you will have muscle for a little while.
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    Here is a great website;

  4. Dave H says:

    if you can find Sportpharma’s brand of vanadyl sulfate i highly recommend that one and take it with creatine for even better results.

    it helps by pushing more water into your muscle cells, you’ll feel harder within days.

    sportpharma truly makes the only good version of vanadyl on the market.

    i was taking 2 with every meal (up to 8 per day) with lots of carbs and water and loved how hard and ripped i was getting.
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  5. Steve says:

    I’ll let you find the version of creatine from someone else, but my friend swears by IsoPure Protein supplement.


    I just buy the cheapest generic stuff I can find, but honestly I do notice a difference. I’ll probably switch to it shortly.
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