2 Responses to “Do Bodybuilders Really Need Supplements?”

  1. A1PHA says:

    Do teenagers really need sports supplements to progress?
    and i know whey isolate is good, so are efa supplements.

    but im talking about herbal supplements etc which are intended to be used to help increase anabolic hormones, muscle etc.

    like the ones here: https://www.t-nation.com/onlineStore.jsp
    If you read the way they have hyped up their supps so much, any bodybuilder would think they’re are some sort of miracle pills, but has anyone ever tried these types of supps?

    it real annoys me, because one side of me thinks its all really gimmicky and flase advertising, but then i think that maybe they do work i i stack them all….im so confused

    im most confused about the anti-estrogen supp though, i mean would i even need them as a teenager?

  2. dd k says:

    For hundreds of thousands of years teenagers have suffered from one thing and one thing only, lack of over priced supplements. Through ice ages, drought, famine, plague and natural disasters teenagers survived, but without supplements, will they manage to carry on? For the sake of the human race waste your money now and buy some supplements!
    Side effects may include gayness acne testicular shrinkage and baldness.
    References :

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