16 Responses to “How Dietary Supplements Can Save You Thousands”

  1. MIKEH75 says:

    use code DIS119 to …
    use code DIS119 to get a very special discount at iherb on vitamins.

  2. BellaaMarlene says:

    what excuse is …
    what excuse is there to not have a change in diet? it’ll save you a lot more money too & you have nothing to lose. why would people rather buy boatloads of expensive supplements yet continue to eat crappy disease causing food. most vitamin pills dont have ALL the cofactors needed to properly & fully digest the vitamin

  3. BellaaMarlene says:

    its better to eat …
    its better to eat REAL FOOD. you will absorb it properly, not pee 90% of it out. no one was designed to ingest synthetic factory made vitamins

    you will not be deficient if you eat enough of the good stuff

  4. djcondra says:

    Superb video. …
    Superb video. Utterly compelling.

  5. DreamBee17 says:

    @thekillerbee123 …
    @thekillerbee123 Not true. I eat better than anyone I know. I eat greens all the time, organics, some ‘approved’ fish, oatmeal..I exercise, do yoga, you know, all the good stuff! Yet I have a hormone imbalance that causes me to call off work and throw up once a month. I have found that a multi-vitamin everyday helps. It changes the pain and suffering into something manageable even tho I eat better than anyone I know! I take a high quality supplement, not the cheap stuff. No one should take those

  6. LifeNJesus says:

    I agree!
    I agree!

  7. ShoppingQueen4ever says:

    I wish there were …
    I wish there were more doctors like you!!!

  8. combatvetlawstudent says:

    Have you ever …
    Have you ever wondered why people cannot bring vegetables or fruits or seeds of such into this country or gte fined? vegetables in the US are genetically modified..commonly known…vitamins are great! I have not had a cold in years

  9. ncfwhitetigress says:

    Don’t trust Lewin! …
    Don’t trust Lewin! I know people who worked for them that said their top priority is to please the pharmaceutical companies. DON’T TRUST THEM! They don’t have consumer health in mind!

  10. YNPGHS says:

    Had to chime in. …
    Had to chime in. Yes, we don’t need supplements IF we eat sound, nutritionally dense foods. The MAJORITY do not. Therefore, supplementation is necessary BUT should not be supplementation with fillers, etc but rather from natural and if possible, organic sources. Man has so stripped foods’ nutritional values…let’s work on the food processors!

  11. thekillerbee123 says:

    But the supplements …
    But the supplements make then worse!!!!! Poor food laden with chemicals lowers there immune system and completely messes up their hormonal systems, leading to a whole load of health problems some lethal. This problem is then NOT solved by synthetic laboratory made supplements! His advice is absolute tosh. I suggest you check out paul chek live channel. Should help you.

  12. jfsimard79 says:

    You are correct …
    You are correct that an Organic Diet is best. However, most Americans do not eat healthy foods. That’s why he’s recommending the supplements.

  13. heightboosting says:

    i love ultrawellness
    i love ultrawellness

  14. thekillerbee123 says:

    why are you …
    why are you recomending supplements when you can get these nutrients from good organic diets???? is it not true that the body does not recognise artificial vitamins and minerals and therefore they lower the ammune system and stress the body in all sorts of ways. i for one will not take supplements, because a very good diet is more beneficial than filling up on chemical garbage.

  15. agatka2007 says:

    What about …
    What about magnesium? You mentioned magnesium in one of your lectures?

  16. ZiggyHungga says:

    You need at least …
    You need at least 4000iu Vit D every day! I take 8000iu a day as I’m in Scotland (higher latitude)

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