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  1. SuperR1991 says:

    he kinda looks like …
    he kinda looks like jean claude van dam lol

    so does whey protein make u loose weight?? or gain muscle??

  2. tom125c says:

    Hi there,
    Im 15 …

    Hi there,
    Im 15 and I weigh around 155lbs and im 5″10.
    Im new to taking whey, and i have a few questions.
    1) How much water should I add per serving?
    2) How much whey should I have per serving?
    3) How often should I take it?


  3. WowAdict9 says:

    Can you mix this …
    Can you mix this with carbo gain and still get both the products full effects?

  4. involverrrrr says:

    So this gold …
    So this gold standart not natural anymore?

  5. UnwashedAnus says:

    @rocawear6i9 Yes …
    @rocawear6i9 Yes til you get used to it,took me a while.How long have you been on them & what sort is it?

  6. UnwashedAnus says:

    @mat876 Lol poor …
    @mat876 Lol poor old dog but yep my gas fouls up the air tremendously.

  7. quadracer111 says:

    @alav3rg4 Hey man, …
    @alav3rg4 Hey man, im 16 too and doing the p90… Started today and im taking whey protein, its all good 🙂

  8. MrRanger1987 says:

    @rocawear6i9 think …
    @rocawear6i9 think about it this way… do you get it hardcore when you dont take protein? haha so if you get it hardcore when you take it then chances are its a problem.

  9. pjcasabuena says:

    @rocawear6i9 no
    @rocawear6i9 no

  10. rocawear6i9 says:

    when ever i drink …
    when ever i drink protein shake I get hardcore diarea, is that normal

  11. mat876 says:

    @alav3rg4 drink 1-3 …
    @alav3rg4 drink 1-3 protein shakes a day theres like no side effects, apart from feeling better, and looking better in the long run , depends what protein shakes you buy, some make your stink , hahahahaha , i bought the wrong one this week, and now i always have to blame the dog . lol

  12. jamima222 says:

    @alav3rg4 stak it …
    @alav3rg4 stak it with NO2 and youll be good

  13. suso5oo7 says:

    @alav3rg4 i think …
    @alav3rg4 i think its fine. im 16 and i do the same exact thing. and im fine. Theres no problem for me.

  14. alav3rg4 says:

    Is it ok for a 16 …
    Is it ok for a 16 year old to be taking whey protein? Or does not matter I’m doing p90x so I’m wondering if I should take this.

  15. MP31160 says:

    Check out my …
    Check out my channel for supplement discounts – whey for £7 per kg & dextrose for £2 per kg!!!

  16. futb0lista7777777 says:

    @deepakjindal070 …
    @deepakjindal070 from the heart thanks bro, i appreciate your time for helping others..:)

  17. deepakjindal070 says:

    @futb0lista7777777 …
    @futb0lista7777777 basically, weight dont impress me. over weight = cheating.. but it up to you what exactly yu want. showing your strenght or building muscle. !! upto you. if yu need any help do message me, have a good recovery..!!

  18. deepakjindal070 says:

    @futb0lista7777777 …
    @futb0lista7777777 i strictly dont recomment you to do gym for next 2 months. until you fully recover. hence, i dont no if yu’ll wait or not. as most guys want to hit the gym asap.. so when yu fully recover and hit the gym, just dont go for weight lifting, instead do cardio and extreme light weight, just for pumping. if yu dont feel any pain in your shoulder, slowing increase the weight.

  19. futb0lista7777777 says:

    @deepakjindal070 …
    @deepakjindal070 appreciate it and i was wondering what to do if i have a dislocated shoulder..after a few months can i begin lifting heavy weights and workout as usual?

  20. deepakjindal070 says:

    @futb0lista7777777 …
    @futb0lista7777777 sure, go for it.. everyday, after workout when your body cools down, before going to bed.. thats it.

  21. futb0lista7777777 says:

    @deepakjindal070 so …
    @deepakjindal070 so im skinny so i need reqular whey right?

  22. deepakjindal070 says:

    @dillondutcher …
    @dillondutcher cardio = no whey, your intake should be less. whey = mass gain.. + abit fat

  23. deepakjindal070 says:

    @Liniserproductions …
    @Liniserproductions yu know man.. ihave a personel interview vid of ronnie coleman. in which he did says that when he was in college when he started the gym. he use to eat lots of eggs, beef.. but it didnt work.. ” finally he get to know that protein is essential for mass gain.. this was in his video, not my views..

  24. deepakjindal070 says:

    @brunobliss if yu …
    @brunobliss if yu do cardio, dont take whey.. whey is for weight lifters, bodybuilder. its a pure form of protein, in cardio, we loose weight.. rite? bty,, whey (consentrate) is a protein which take 12-24 hours to get into your muscle, best time is after you hit the gym.. when you body cools down.. take sip and go to bed.. mucles growth happen when you doing nothing.. while you do rest. so night time is best 4 all.

  25. deepakjindal070 says:

    @CoolYungReace GNC …
    @CoolYungReace GNC have problems they use to contanimate its product as found in survey, for for O.N bty there is nothing like 100% whey.. best 85 i heard..

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