14 Responses to “Meet Ronnie Coleman at Supplement Giant!”

  1. KidBers says:

    @shehanster no …
    @shehanster no every 5 years since jay doesnt qualify because he won it if u win the olympia u can be in the olympia 5 years without qualify end of story

  2. wwwFatburner1com says:

    Ronnie is one of …
    Ronnie is one of the greatest Mr. Olympia ever!

  3. shehanster says:

    @catjumper he was …
    @catjumper he was mr.O before really??(sarcasm) -___-

  4. shehanster says:

    @KidBers actually …
    @KidBers actually you need to qualify every year read the wiki article thats where i saw it 🙂

  5. Primetome says:

    Sometimes I wish I …
    Sometimes I wish I lived in the states!

  6. nerofirestorm says:

    Jay will smash him
    Jay will smash him

  7. hipretty says:

    Oh I love him, he …
    Oh I love him, he is so awesome!!! I LOVE you too JNL!!!! 🙂

  8. KidBers says:

    @shehanster …
    @shehanster catjumper is wrong

  9. KidBers says:

    @catjumper wrong if …
    @catjumper wrong if u won u dont need to qualify 5 years later ronnie won 2005 so 2011 he will need to qualify

  10. catjumper says:

    @shehanster He …
    @shehanster He doesn’t have to qualify, because he’s won the Mr.O before. 8 times if you didn’t know that…

  11. shehanster says:

    @imherelol he didnt …
    @imherelol he didnt qualify dont ask me why

  12. blinkblinkblinkkdd says:

    @imherelol I am …
    @imherelol I am assuming it was a marketing thing maybe because fan base reduced since Ronnie left. Ronnie wanna keep people anticipating for him when POOF.. he’s not there. I am not really sure. All I know that this actually happened with the Formula 1 racing when they had to bring Mr. Schumacher back.

  13. shaun0069 says:

    mmm the JNL!
    mmm the JNL!

  14. imherelol says:

    why the he did …
    why the he did not compte this yer
    jay must be happy ronnie wnana quite

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