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  1. allouche27 says:

    intresting! would …
    intresting! would be intresting to refer to the plant omega 3 source such as the new clary sage. differences, advantages and so on. How does the pollution effects our health(considering FDA recommendations)

  2. steveshort4steven says:

    @loren6Q yes!!
    @loren6Q yes!!

  3. loren6Q says:

    @steveshort4steven …
    @steveshort4steven does fish oil make u smarter ? 😀

  4. steveshort4steven says:

    i take two caps …
    i take two caps everyday

  5. amazinginspiration says:

    Wow! She is very …
    Wow! She is very sexy!!! She reminds me of Posh Spice (Victoria Bekham)


    High strength epa …
    High strength epa fishoil is very good for depression.May have to take it for a few weeks before it works

  7. cracker1sn says:

    so fish oil can …
    so fish oil can help with depression moods??

  8. kylecorreia says:

    they did message me
    they did message me

  9. hongpingmike says:

    thanks, I won’t …
    thanks, I won’t reply

  10. kylecorreia says:

    hi i sent u a …
    hi i sent u a message

  11. zem1956 says:

    very informative .. …
    very informative … thanks… non clinical presentation makes it easier t o understand thanks

  12. NourishYourMind says:

    Fish oil has helped …
    Fish oil has helped reduce my triglycerides from dangerously high – over 250 – down to 114. Thanks for this video.

  13. insideimcrazy says:

    your smart..which …
    your smart..which makes you hot..thanks for the info..

  14. mandykal says:

    so doc says that my …
    so doc says that my cholesterol level is 238 and he recommends me taking fish oil. Is there anything else you as a dietician would recommend? I also drink about 480mL coffee/day x 5-7days/wk.

  15. jonnham says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the information

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