25 Responses to “Performance Supplement Reviews: BSN NO-Xplode (Nitric Oxide)”

  1. XXDinosoursOvOXX says:

    lol you should give …
    lol you should give me that one

  2. mohammad112388 says:

    If anyone really …
    If anyone really wants a preworkout supplement…..get jack3d….its awesome.

  3. kwin1984 says:

    @SLISETV reduce the …
    @SLISETV reduce the dosage

  4. kwin1984 says:

    @TheSituat1on …
    @TheSituat1on description reads: “this product contains the naturally occurring Amino acid beta Alanine which may cause a tingling skin sensation”

  5. magic2magic says:

    I’ll stick with …
    I’ll stick with eggs. For example, the no xplode destroys your liver with bad enzymes buildup, so get your blood work checked up.


    @MrHardtooth i …
    @MrHardtooth i believe it does haves creatine so dont buy it separately

  7. Schaler313 says:

    If Redbull has no …
    If Redbull has no effect on you, don’t waste your money purchasing N.O Xplode.


    You forgot to …
    You forgot to mention that “NO Xplode” Blows Your Head Off for about 4 hours lol

  9. BrianDWalker3445 says:

    @MrHardtooth I has …
    @MrHardtooth I has a little creatine . I would buy creatine seperatley

  10. laubeatz says:

    ive had no shotgun …
    ive had no shotgun v3, nanovapor and no-xplode.. their all good but i think nanovapor was so far the best tasting with great effects and that tingly feeling, no shotgun dissolves the best, great flavour with good effects and no-xplode does not dissolve as well, average taste but great effects! =)

  11. TheSituat1on says:

    My face feels numb …
    My face feels numb after I take N.O. xplode.

  12. fedstheman1 says:

    It has …

    It has 1 gram of creatine per scoop which is quite low.

  13. ODoyle8D says:

    @GanjaVids yeah it …
    @GanjaVids yeah it has a little bit in it

  14. SLISETV says:

    This stuff is …
    This stuff is AMAZING, I almost had a heart attack this morning in the gym from the intense training. Now its 6:00am I can’t sleep, I’m pumped for tomorrow. Problem is no sleep=no gains.

  15. f0rSs4k3n says:

    @shvn8er – dude, …
    @shvn8er – dude, thanx for your reply, I almost decided not to buy it after he said that, sounded unlogical to me too

  16. MrHardtooth says:

    Can someone answer …
    Can someone answer this question for me?
    Does N.O Explode have creatine in it, or do I have to buy my creatine separately?
    Post your answer on my channel PLEASE, THANK YOU!

  17. MP31160 says:

    Check out my …
    Check out my channel for supplement discounts – whey for £7 per kg & dextrose for £2 per kg!!!

  18. funzoneisinmyhair says:

    no-xplode works….
    no-xplode works….

  19. ginorichter2002 says:

    I lost a step when …
    I lost a step when i got off NO-Xplode

  20. buffmonkey17 says:

    is muscle rx better …
    is muscle rx better than no xplode??

  21. pinkbunnywabbit12 says:

    what you need to do …
    what you need to do is get roided up! forget about those nitric oxide products and creatines, take the easy way out bitches. just take a little testosterone and lay on the couch and grow your muscles. its easy as hell, thats the way i do it and im one buff-ass mofo!

  22. GanjaVids says:

    no xplode is a …
    no xplode is a creatine aswell ?

  23. ESCAPEDCONVICT01 says:

    Im sure he means …
    Im sure he means you lose out on rep gains, coz this stuff does give a temporary boost, however come off it and your reps will drop considerably (caused by the loss in water retention).

  24. prizonier2 says:

    Fuck your …
    your supplements I`m gonna get ripped without that !

  25. msmas1 says:

    send me the Gakic …
    send me the Gakic
    ( :

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