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  1. rocket880 says:

    @victoriarain lmao! …
    @victoriarain lmao!!! yoou just got owneddd man pmsl

  2. bright5086200 says:

    If you want to …
    If you want to start lifting. Get whey protein, Multi, and maybe Creatine (but i would say only if you are 16 or older). No glutamine. No fish oil. No crap proteins. Straight up whey protein like GOLD STANDARD. and thats it. You DONT need a pump. Pump is for egos.

  3. ASSLOVER56 says:

    b dump i need my …
    b dump i need my hip back are you a hipe

  4. Masterke85 says:

    dude help me i …
    dude help me i start smoking pot and i lost like 12 kg and i feel really small

  5. wise1tom says:

    stop saying hip to …
    stop saying hip to that it makes you sound like a cunt.

  6. DANISH858 says:

    what the is …
    what the is this ?

  7. alreadycrowning says:

    Do you know if …
    Do you know if vitamin c taken orally or topically is better to rebuild the epidermis? Please respond if you can

  8. steroidTRUTH says:

    Why listen to …
    Why listen to anti-steroid spammers and mistakes of god like steroidsR4? Check steroidTRUTH channel for the honest TRUTH about the positive effects of anabolic steroids.

    Always ThumbsDown and hit “Spam” on all SteroidsR4/AreFor and her girlsfriends posts.

  9. holywar911 says:


  10. GeeKillor says:

    Does anyone here …
    Does anyone here know where he lives?
    I think if I’d sell him some flour and tell him that this would be the best power which is one the market.

    The placebo-effect would show him that this flour was great.

    After a few months I’d visit him again and tell him that this was just flour and maybe then he’d realise how much money he wastes.

    He should better give the money to poor children instead to the supplement industries.

    and btw you can get those effects with healthy food, too.


    b i need a big …
    b i need a big shite b dump

  12. ChaosMaxtor says:

    Hey gump, I have to …
    Hey gump, I have to say: you got your butt a subscriber!

  13. dtru1222 says:

    yes glutamine does …
    yes glutamine does help recover from soreness, but so does all other aminos. the only way i have read glutamine contributes to fat loss is from appitite suppression. glutamine is the most abundant amino found in food and if you eat i high protein diet their is no need to supplement with it. your body produces 70g a day on its own not counting the amount digest from protein sources. im not saying amino supps are useless im saying if your paying for aminos you might as well get the whole package

  14. dtru1222 says:

    glutamine does help …
    glutamine does help with soreness but it is the most abundent amino in the body and food. spend your money on more favorable aminos. CellTech is garbage, its an expensive bottle of creatine mono and dextrose. N.O. products are pointless, the conversion of arginine to nitric oxide in the bloodstream lasts 30 seconds. you seem to pimp muscle tech, that company is laughed at. the reason they are so big is because they were one of the first to prey on people who dont know anything about nutrition

  15. aBagOfKittenz says:

    L-Glutamine is a …
    L-Glutamine is a great supplement to take with working out. Especially with stack with stable gluclose levels and creatine

  16. AmericanPowerBase says:

    You have books? …
    You have books? Link us up man.

  17. eektherigo says:

    what about good ol …
    what about good ol fashion bodybuilding with just some protein? thats a lot of stuff your taking

  18. collin355 says:

    your a supplement …
    your a supplement companies dream…stop believing everything you read in the magazines..gultamine like every other so called muscle building supp is a waste of money..

  19. antiguerra says:

    glutamine is very …
    glutamine is very important for muscle recovery and there is no need for studies . try working out your legs for 2 weeks on glutamine , rest for 2 weeks and workout again your legs off glutamine. the recovery on glutamine takes about 24 hours. the recovery off glutamine can go for 4 days. also glutamine and arginine contribute for fat loss.

  20. steveee6t9 says:

    bgump1110, you say …
    bgump1110, you say glutamine is a very important supplement to take for bodybuilders, however you need to do more research. Show me one reliable study that has confirmed glutamin increases muscle mass and recovery, against this numerous of studies how concluded it being a waste of money. glutamine is metabolised in the large intestine therefor 90% of it taken orally doesn’t get absorbed. The only positive resultsfrom taken l-glutamine has been ffrom IV injection

  21. polskishelby says:

    Yea, Cell Tech is …
    Yea, Cell Tech is crap, your wasting A LOT of money on Dextrose sugar, that’s Muscletech’s amazing delivery system. You get the same results with grape juice. 4lb -$40-20servings-3lb of dextrose sugar. CRAP

  22. 1cosgrave1 says:

    your body makes it …
    your body makes it naturally….when used correctly it has minimal negative effects

  23. Ibeatgyno23 says:

    too bad cell tech …
    too bad cell tech and nitrotech are garbage

  24. famerca says:

    did u talk to me? I …
    did u talk to me? I dont drink those man.

  25. Biggerthanyou52 says:

    yo man i take …
    yo man i take protien/creatine and a multi-vitamen, and that is tight!

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