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  1. nightfire4107 says:

    @jwang604 where do …
    @jwang604 where do you get it?

  2. Emiliouus says:

    @jwang604 Dianabol …
    @jwang604 Dianabol is not good , its like steroid u dont need it, better supplements is creatine and whey protein and vitamins ,now creatine is very good for the body if u use it in the right way…

  3. kaylalovesmydick says:

    I would highly …
    I would highly suggest glutamine not expensive but very effective guys i have been doing mma for about 2 months and wish i would have knew about glutamine before wow, hope this helps.

  4. 666ShoopDaWoop666 says:


    I am …

    I am not using steroids but i am not against it.

    However if you do steroids always follow the dosage and not go over the maximum.

    Also you need to use PCT medicine that you use during and/or after the 8 weeks of using.

  5. 666ShoopDaWoop666 says:




    I used True Mass myself and it is just overpriced CRAP

    So if you buy supplements just buy the ones in a white can with simple logo without a steroid bodybuilder on the cover.

  6. jwang604 says:

    @Dorisequador My …
    @Dorisequador My training routine is a lot simpler: 50mg of D-bol a day for 8 weeks.

  7. jwang604 says:

    @raptor700fanatic …
    @raptor700fanatic Dianabol is all you need.

  8. raptor700fanatic says:

    hi im 14 years old …
    hi im 14 years old and im building muscle should i drink cretine? im using bsn true mass. or what supplement sould i use???????

  9. Kiddowesth says:

    Because you said …
    Because you said these words, makes you a great guy Vince!
    all the best!

  10. Mu5clehead says:

    @budspotz lol not …
    @budspotz lol not all of them are sticking needles in their bum

  11. cmackerz says:

    @redmeatheart well …
    @redmeatheart well said!

  12. fitnesschick1988 says:

    @redmeatheart thats …
    @redmeatheart thats been my diet since i was 13

  13. quentin8812 says:

    for all you people …
    for all you people out there that thinks they need every supplement out there on the market just to build muscle and or to lose weight your just wrong checkout my video its called the best body transformation of 2010. i did that transformation by puttin in alot of hours at the gym and eatin a good diet and also just taken in a plain protein powder from costco thats it thats all

  14. Dorisequador says:

    Now second part.. …
    Now second part.. Right after training get a protein shake ..

    But during training bring a container with Lemonade and farm honey added 10%
    zip as you train and stretch each muscle right after sets.
    drink water when over sugared taste in mouth.

    TRy to bike ride for 20 minutes early Morning right before shower..and breakfast.
    Wake up fast and burn any fat you may have and it keeps the knees perfect.

    Body build at night is the best time early training is to burn fat faster.

  15. Dorisequador says:

    @mtregi Ya he …
    @mtregi Ya he forgot to say sread Flax seed oil over your arms and body to make you have a shiny coat before you start the day.

    Wanna be built.. Eat extreamly well,, and train hard for the pump !

    Oat meal, YoGurt, bowl of choped fruit for breakfast. with 1 Litre of milk for breakfast.
    Lunch Steak medium rare choped into chunks added to Pasta and 1 brick of cheese choped aswell with salad on the side.
    Super early around 6pm or earlier very light meal potato’s chicken etc..

  16. mtregi says:

    @44pullups i like …
    @44pullups i like creatine too!!!

  17. mtregi says:

    @kimcheolho cuz it …
    @kimcheolho cuz it makes your skin shiny like Mr. Vince DelMonte

  18. mtregi says:

    @Dorisequador i …
    @Dorisequador i concur

  19. be4realyo says:

    He says to increase …
    He says to increase inflammation with the fish oil but it actually decreases inflammation. And that is a good thing. Omega-3s are an anti-inflamatory yo.

  20. Healthyfoods101 says:

    @kimcheolho , fish …
    @kimcheolho , fish oil has omega3 and wat it does it helps your joints, skin,brain to work good and its a good fat =o

  21. Bent213 says:

    I have one bottle …
    I have one bottle left of the legendary ACL TREN XTREME gain 15-25 pounds of muscle guarenteed! Let mr know if interested

  22. 44pullups says:

    not enough for me. …
    not enough for me. i like my creatine, beta alanine, and vit D.

  23. kimcheolho says:

    Why is fish oil …
    Why is fish oil necessary???

  24. Dorisequador says:

    I don’t think he …
    I don’t think he put enough oil on…..

  25. samson1434 says:

    Three best …
    Three best supplements are Creatine, arginine (only taken on non workout days), and protein/carbohydrate blend. Research is the deciding. creatine is best for strength, arginine increases growth hormone levels by 200-300% at rest and protein and carbohydrates allow for new tissue synthesis.

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