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  1. Teleblu73 says:

    @SOScampaign …
    @SOScampaign the nwo and the central bank, they are behind it all

  2. dumbtrooper says:

    natural …
    natural regenerative medcine ftw

  3. Rikotistic says:

    Excellent …
    Excellent information. Thanks!!!

  4. slobberymonkey says:

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  5. DrPaulClayton says:

    Yes this is a BIG …
    Yes this is a BIG worry, fast action is needed.
    I urge everybody to join your campaign.
    You are doing a great job taking on the EU.
    Join up everyone -its the straight cucumber madness again.

  6. SOScampaign says:

    Did you know the EU …
    Did you know the EU is about to Ban and Restrict levels of vitamins??
    Please help us Fight this -THEY ARE CUTTING OUR FREEDOM OF CHOICE -Again
    details on my site

  7. signofthehammer says:

    mm sorry I doubt …
    mm sorry I doubt about that one. That means you are eating 7 meals a day with 1000 kc each..what are you eating in those meals? not even amateur bodybuilders have those calories..

  8. xXxShawn8xXx says:

    Its sad that in …
    Its sad that in today’s world we’re at the point the we need supplements. I mean ALMOST EVERYTHING now is processed and junk food.

  9. Advice4goodHealth says:

    Thanks good info
    Thanks good info

  10. DrPaulClayton says:

    Nutritional …
    Nutritional deficiencies can cause all sorts of psychiatric symptoms including apathy, low energy, irritability, insomnia, low energy, agitation, fatigue, concentration problems, aches and pains, weight changes, including weight loss or weight gain. Sound a lot like the symptoms of depression? The truth is the average American diet of fast food is low in vital nutrition that you need for your body to function correctly.

  11. BodyFitLife says:

    Yes this is the …
    Yes this is the reality of a living organism… especially with the regenerative tools we now have at our disposal.

  12. DrPaulClayton says:

    I believe that it …
    I believe that it is possible to stay healthy into ripe old age and to prevent, stabilise and even perhaps to reverse, many of the chronic degenerative diseases.

    Underpinning all my research and advice is this simple fact. Given the right nutrition and lifestyle, our bodies have amazing powers of self-healing and regeneration.

  13. JustAudio2008 says:

    Wow -what do you …
    Wow -what do you eat?

  14. Percy203 says:

    2000 calories a day …
    2000 calories a day?!? I eat well over 7000 a day and am thin as a rake. Thats the curse of a high metabolism.

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