10 Responses to “Vitamins and Supplements: Vital or Superfluous?”

  1. sandhedomsundhed says:


    You …

    You are obviously brainwashed and/or vegetarian.

    And it is not as simple as calcium in equals calcium absorped, may factores play in.

    If eating more than 40g of protein a day was bad, people in scandinavia and greenland would have been exstinct!

    THe whole meat/acid loss of calcium thing has been debunked, EXCESS protein can lead too calcium leakage from bones, but may factors play in!

  2. daro2096 says:

    @sandhedomsundhed …

    It doesn’t matter how much you compensate, you still in negative balance.

    Any protien from meat will cause you to leech calcium from your bones. If you take 1500mg of calcium you still lose over 1700mg worth of calcium from your bones though your urine.

    High by the way is any number over 40 grams per day.

  3. sandhedomsundhed says:

    @daro2096 Define ” …
    @daro2096 Define “High”, if you eat your greens with your steak, i would not worry about calcium loss in this case.

  4. daro2096 says:

    If you are on a …
    If you are on a high protein diet it won’t matter how much calcium you take you will still lose calcium through your urine.

  5. MopDMTBARTL says:

    Eat Organic plant …
    Eat Organic plant based, fish & chicken (protein). No Supplements. Fruits, Non-starchy vegetables (carbs), nuts & seeds (fats – Omega 3 fatty acids (salmon & flaxseeds)) & cannabis 4 medicine (stress, headache, glaucoma, mood disorders). if your child can have a cup cake or a twinkie, then your child can have marijuana. Marijuana is healthier than SUGAR! It helps CURE cancer. now you know why it’s ILLEGAL. Truth is an obscure thing, Oppression & lie is the norm.

    go here
    truthknowledge. com

  6. catownsyou says:

    I really don’t …
    I really don’t understand how a doctor can take melatonin which supresses gnrh (gonadotropin-releasing hormone) and and then complain about a lack of testosterone. And then eating androgens? It is my opinion as a pharmacology-student that you shouldn’t eat two supplements which cancel eachother out…

  7. progamerrells says:

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    This is a great video and has so much important info, it should have millions of hits, but people would rather watch stupid stuff.

  8. JLeeMagnetic says:

    The best anti-aging …
    The best anti-aging product I’ve ever seen is actually Alex Chiu’s Magnetic Discovery. The other people are just nonsense.

  9. fingersjones says:

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  10. smellyfooty says:

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