4 Responses to “What are good supplements to increase energy?”

  1. ChrisandSheila L says:

    If your doctor told you I would honestly have to say that is correct statement to give to a patient.
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  2. mrodrx says:

    B-Vitamins are good for energy and don’t increase BP.
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  3. Jshoffyman says:

    I would trust your doctor, however if you want a non-medical remedy, you should try using something with Ginsing
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  4. smartycat says:

    In addition to Ginkoba, try Ginsana. I take both; I also drink green tea…it has ginsana in it, also lots of antioxidants. You can get decaffeinated green tea, if caffeine is an issue.
    The best tea I’ve ever tasted is "TradeWinds."

    So you’re SAD too. Awful, isn’t it. Both daughters we lost died in the fall/winter season, so I know how you’re feeling.
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