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  1. BO says:

    what is better for a 5 month trek/tour city/rural around SE asia, a backpack or a rolling luggage?
    I’ve been around SE asia before backpacking it years ago. Seems like the new thing is to use something like eagle creek ORV trunk (rolling suitcase) which was given as a gift. Travel will include bouncing around from city/city, buses, trains, planes, taxi. Won’t be doing any hardcore trekking this time. Any suggestions? Thanks

  2. VY says:


    Rolling luggage only works well on smooth flat surfaces.
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  3. just a gorilla says:

    backpack_ always…having your hands free at all times is the way to wander. You can strap a set of wheels ( a lightweight luggage dolly) to the pack if you ever need a change. 2nd hand stores are full of them.
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  4. macedonian_warhound says:

    well if someone got you the trunk, use it. eagle creek makes good stuff. I’d got with a large wheeled duffel (30"), and a large backpack. don’t go with a wheeled backpack.
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