4 Responses to “33% support voluntary repatriation, & stopping benefits to pay for it? ICM Poll? what?”

  1. pmt853 says:

    and your question is……
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  2. ξѷ☼₰ƱϡÏǾҋ says:

    have you a link for the 33% want volunatry reperation, I cant believe 1 in3 are racist brainwashed idiots who have no clue of British history.

    thx paul. One thing i hate more than the bnp…the sun/news of the world.
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  3. Paul R says:

    Oh dear, more News of the World guff.

    They don’t even know what BNP policies are.

    "It also reveals that ONE THIRD of voters believe in a core BNP policy – that British-born people from ethnic minorities should lose all state benefits, including NHS medical treatment, to pay for them to leave the country."

    What nonsense. The policy is that grants would be made available to immigrants or their descendants who wished to return to their ancestral homelands.

    Savings on benefit payments etc would help finance the scheme, but the idea that benefits and health care would be cut off so they’d have to leave is just scaremongering nonsense.

    It’s a purely voluntary scheme, similar to the one that’s currently in place.
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  4. Carrusel says:

    And which newspaper made those figures up!!

    Believe me, you do not want civil unrest. People get hurt and even killed in civil unrest.
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