18 Responses to “Additional Benefits to a Consumption Tax!”

  1. FilmCriticOne says:

    @ZamatoElite I …
    @ZamatoElite I loved your comment/.

  2. georgio941 says:

    I am in favor of …
    I am in favor of the “Fair tax” but it will never happen. To remove the IRS you would need a constitutional removal of the income tax amendment and we all know how hard something like that is to accomplish. The worst tax in America is our “progressive” property tax that has no caps and is gauged with no respect to income. Property tax is a “direct” form of taxation and is technically unconstitutional. The federal government passed this tax to the state level in order to implement its existence.

  3. DecentralizedByGuilt says:

    I actually had …
    I actually had someone (oldhacks) explain this to me once. He had mentioned something about when people buy 3 million dollars necklace and shit, and otehr products, that… well i forgot exactly how he put it,lol

  4. ReverendAtomSmasher says:

    A bizarre …
    A bizarre economical fact: Lower taxes = higher government revenue. Odd eh?

    That said, I am in favor of the Fair Tax. Eliminate the income tax entirely and go to an overall consumption tax.

    Additional benefit: It removes taxes as a tool for manipulation from politicians.

  5. MrMcQ2u says:

    I can …

    I can sympathize with your frustration, especially after that video they made of you.
    (Must be a sign that they are getting frustrated with having ideals debated).
    Bust the best way to get rid of trolls is to stop feeding them.
    So maybe ignore them possibly?

  6. AnneOnAMoose says:

    I’d be good if my …
    I’d be good if my state would just drop this where I have to pay taxes on the same car every year. I guess they call it property tax. I’m forced to need a car and home – they should be deductibles.

  7. FantasmaBAnco says:

    Go yourself ZE …
    Go yourself ZE. Your ignorant, hyperbolic rhetoric has no place here. You don’t want to engage in a reasoned dialogue with v (as evidenced by your emotive personal attacks against him, constantly likening him to Nazis, and saying he is a threat to your “liberty and freedom” etc)… so just get fucked, OK?

    You keep in the pool, and I’m telling you to off and never come back.

  8. Ilikenuman says:

    im not trying to …
    im not trying to legitimise the state. im saying theres all anyone can do about it so make the best of a bad situation. because in this world, individuals dont matter shit. ya dig homie?

  9. ZamatoElite says:

    Tax is unavoidable? …
    Tax is unavoidable?

    It is very avoidable actually. A group of people succeed from the state and live in a voluntary society based on mutual aid.

    The reason why this may SEEM unavoidable is because Nazis like you feel they have the omniscience and omnipotence to rule others. It’s a power complex you have, and I hope you get over yourself.

  10. Stardusk says:

    I don’t believe in …
    I don’t believe in the income tax but realise that it is likely never going to go away and I am also not an ideologue, despite being very much libertarian. If I have to shell out lots of tax money then I will do it in a European country where I actually get something for it as opposed to the US where we just drop bombs on people for it. That is a ridiculous trade off. So much waste goes on in the US…

  11. notfitforsociety says:

    I think we should …
    I think we should also charge a true cost tax for people who waste the courts time, like trying to change their names. I wonder how much it costs to run a courthouse for an hour; $5,000, $10,000? How much time have you cost the taxpayer for this endeavor? Ten hours, twenty? Maybe you owe somewhere around $100,000 by now.

  12. Ilikenuman says:

    tax is unavoidable, …
    tax is unavoidable, so whether or not you like it is futile. you cant even settle or compromise, you just wanna on everything else because youre not happy settling down

  13. variablast says:


    A return to …

    A return to craftsmanship!

  14. variablast says:

    I’m not your ” …
    I’m not your “Komrade.”

    You should leave because you have nothing positive or constructive to say, you don’t like me, I don’t like you, and we both have better things to do with our Short Short lives.

  15. p717 says:

    Folks would be …
    Folks would be buying more raw materials rather than highly packaged finished products, particularly with produce- maybe even fabrics to make their own clothes. Disposable products would start to decline while their reusable, old fashioned counterparts would see a rise in manufacture (diapers, kitchen towels, etc).

    Either way, I’ve not found many objections to the concept even when looking hard for it. It would foster a shift from blind to appropriate consumption.

  16. ZamatoElite says:

    Why should I leave, …
    Why should I leave, Komrade Variablast? You are a threat to my liberty and freedom. You want to STEAL the fruits of my labor via the end of a barrel. Not only do you want to STEAL my money (like a Mafia), you want to use the domestic paramilitary forces to influence my purchasing decisions.

    What if I don’t want to pay your Utopian Mafia? Are you going to lock me in the rape camp with all the other non-violent drug users and poor old black folk?

  17. variablast says:

    Then never comment …
    Then never comment on my channel again.

    Go away. Permanently.

    Please, all other commentators, tell ZamatoElite how much we don’t want his contributions on this channel. I don’t know how to convey how much I don’t want him around on my own.

  18. ZamatoElite says:

    My Verdict: …
    My Verdict: Retarded

    The income tax is voluntary too! If you don’t want to pay taxes, just get a lower paying job or don’t work at all! (sarcasm)

    Consumption tax is just another retarded central planning effort to manipulate the market. All it will lead to is misallocation of resources on a grand scale.

    You should keep your Nazi policy ideas to yourself.

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