7 Responses to “can pensioners do voluntary work if they are on benefitsf?”

  1. Luke M says:

    no becuase she isn’t getting paid money just food. and if she is on benefits your allowed to work like 15 hours a week and still claim.
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  2. jeff k says:

    Of course they can work voluntarily.
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  3. yogiraj says:

    Anyone is entitled to do voluntary work.
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  4. paul h says:

    Benefits such as Income Support and Pension credit are means-tested and may reduce if a claimant receives extra income from elsewhere. Given the circumstances as highlighted in your question, it is unlikely that benefit will be affected.
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  5. abuelamah says:

    Does not affect her benefits.
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  6. blues breaker says:

    this shouldn’t be a problem at all. she isn’t accepting money.
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  7. Caicos Turkey says:

    No, this is not payment as such and would not affect benefits. If the cafe owner chooses to give her free meals as a gesture of thanks for her voluntary work, then that is a matter for him or her.

    Your friend is clearly a very honest person; most people in her position wouldn’t even think about this!
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