3 Responses to “Do I qualify for unemployment benefits if my employer wants me to relocate out of state?”

  1. Drixnot says:

    No, they can not mandate a long distance move. You will not be considered a quitter and will be allowed unemployment because you are being laid off.
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  2. Dan H says:

    Yes, that is exactly what they are trying to do. Telling you that you have a job, but you have to move to keep it. When you tell them that you aren’t going to take the out of state job, they will claim that you quit.

    Document everything. Insist that they give you all of these offers in writing.

    When you do get laid off and your paperwork says you quit, file for unemployment anyway. They will deny it and then you will have to challenge the ruling. A hearing will be set and you will have the chance to tell your part of the story. You will have a great chance of winning that hearing and getting unemployment.
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  3. Teekno says:

    This is a substantive change in the nature of your job, which will qualify you for unemployment benefits. Talk to your state unemployment office for more info.
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