2 Responses to “I want to give up my job? How will this effect my benefits?”

  1. sophie says:

    You wont get any benefits
    References :
    I work in the job centre

  2. Kitt says:

    To be honest it may affect whether you can get some benefits, I would read this section on direct gov on redundancy and resigning from your job just so that you know your rights, I would advise against resigning as it can affect whether you will get any help.


    The main benefit you may be entitled to is Job seekers Allowance I couldn’t tell you for sure so get some advice on it before you do anything.

    Try the online benefit advisor here

    Or you can give the Benefit Enquiry Line a call who are extremely helpful and talk it out with them on
    0800 882 200 or Text phone 0800 243 355

    Alternatively you could go along to your local Citizens advice bureau
    References :
    Personal Experience and The Direct Gov Site

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