4 Responses to “if I do a C.R.B. check for a voluntary job, will they tell the Benefits office?”

  1. Buddha says:

    I did voluntary work whilst I was out of work. I was made redundant and volunteered as an adviser for the CAB. You are allowed to do it as long as you are still seeking work and can prove it. You must tell the JobCentre and tell them that you are available for interviews.
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  2. MediSin says:

    Probably not but I wouldn’t risk it.

    You are allowed to do a certain amount of voluntary work while you’re claiming benefits. Talk to the benefit office before you start, cos if you get caught doing something you shouldn’t, you might end up having to pay back weeks of benefits. And that’ll really screw things up.
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  3. floppity says:

    You are allowed to do volunteer work – well, unless you have told them you are unable to work. For jobseekers though you get a form to fill out, they mostly like you to do voluntary work because it shows you are making an effort.

    And the CRB check only checks your police records, the benefits office shouldn’t know about it.
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  4. The Oracle says:

    It’s your responsibility to tell them. When you turn up to sign on, when of the declarations you are making is that you have done "no work, paid or unpaid", unless you have told them about it. You are legally bound to inform them.
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