25 Responses to “Jack, the hero – How to save a life (Sparrabeth)”

  1. ElizabethTriheart says:

    Can anyone please …
    Can anyone please tell me what is the scene at 3:49? And what movie is it from? Thank you. Love the video by the way.

  2. MarieKatie242 says:

    It’s so amazing!! I …
    It’s so amazing!! I love Jack Sparrow and together with Lizzie even more! Great song. Kinda touching…

  3. AAvdH says:

    i agree, the vid is …
    i agree, the vid is great but i like the normal version of this song better

  4. louise4ever says:

    Thanks! Ok 🙂
    Thanks! Ok 🙂

  5. keithtreason says:

    I like the vidio …
    I like the vidio but I like the normal version of the song.

  6. louise4ever says:

    Thanks! I know, its …
    Thanks! I know, its beautiful, its the unplugged version ^^

  7. piratechelsea says:

    absolutely …
    absolutely beautiful! i love this version of the song id never heard it before :]

  8. louise4ever says:

    Naww!! Thank you! …
    Naww!! Thank you! He is my favorit disney hero too!!

  9. CryBabyGirl4ever says:

    Really great vid …
    Really great vid mate well done! 5 stars and faved! Lovely truely smashing, he’s so handsome and my favorite disney hero…well him and Peter Pan lol!
    great vid


  10. louise4ever says:

    Naw. Thankies hun!! …
    Naw. Thankies hun!! Agree!! 😀

  11. shelbysspace06x says:

    OMG! Perfection …
    OMG! Perfection Achieved. Great Job. Love the song to. The Fray Rules.


  12. louise4ever says:

    I know, its sooooo …
    I know, its sooooo sweet ^^

  13. lianoula1greece says:

    beautiful version …
    beautiful version of how to save a life…

  14. louise4ever says:

    Thank you a lot …
    Thank you a lot PiratJeans. It is by the Fray, but the acustic version, I think that one is a little better 🙂

  15. PirateJeans says:

    i love it!
    is …

    i love it!
    is this by The Fray? because i think the one by the Fray sounds different (there are drums)
    but anyway, this is a great video. Amazing job! 🙂

  16. louise4ever says:

    Thanks mate ^^
    Thanks mate ^^

  17. beasparrow says:

    beautiful… =(
    beautiful… =(

  18. louise4ever says:

    Aww, poor thing, …
    Aww, poor thing, but I have the same “problem” 😀
    Thanks mate!

  19. Ximebetty says:

    i love it°°°°
    and …

    i love it°°°°
    and thE song mAKES ME CRY!

  20. louise4ever says:

    Thanks 🙂
    I´ll do …

    Thanks 🙂
    I´ll do that. 😛

  21. Florencia777 says:

    Oh, you didn’t do …
    Oh, you didn’t do anything wrong! This video is flawless! 🙂
    And I’m afraid I don’t have any tips… Except for commenting on other people’s videos, maybe? So they could come across your channel easier:)

  22. louise4ever says:

    Thanks soo much! I …
    Thanks soo much! I don´t understand what I do wrong? Do you have any tip how to get comments??? ^^

  23. Florencia777 says:

    Beautiful video! I …
    Beautiful video! I loved it.
    …& I wholeheartedly agree with xxblackwolfblackxx 🙂

  24. louise4ever says:

    Hehe, thanks.

    Hehe, thanks.
    Whant do you think I do wrong soo that people dont comment?

  25. XJackspiratechickX says:

    hehe I agree w/ …
    hehe I agree w/ xxblackwolfblackxx!

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