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  1. bomb6710 says:

    It would certainly …
    It would certainly be better.

  2. 1x93cm says:

    only problem with …
    only problem with the red flag is it really reminds me of china and the USSR

    and I KNOW communism is not on the menu but other folks may not understand

  3. RiverBirch1967 says:

    Texas could …
    Texas could certainly hold it’s own.

  4. jjjohnson805 says:

    @RedShirtArmy well …
    @RedShirtArmy well said

  5. TheNCcountryboy says:

    @RedShirtArmy Like …
    @RedShirtArmy Like i’ve said before, i lived in SC for 12 years and it’s pretty much just the same here as it is in SC. I live in Cleveland country right on the border, i think it would be awesome if SC and NC joined together to just make Carolina. But there would still be two states called SC and NC, you get what im saying?

    But i agree smaller governments are easier to control, but you don’t want to be too small and weak because admit it, SC is a small state and it could easily be invaded.

  6. RedShirtArmy says:

    @TheNCcountryboy, …
    @TheNCcountryboy, That would be better than what we have now. However, I would prefer we both seceded and then had a close, friendly relationship with each other but stayed independent. Culturally we’re very similar, of course, but the smaller and more decentralised the gov’t, the better for liberty and self-determination.

  7. TheNCcountryboy says:

    What would you …
    What would you think if NC and SC seceded and formed one country?

  8. kcirdrab says:

    @kcirdrab – An …
    @kcirdrab – An America of 50 nations is an astonishingly radical concept & I`m amazed that any spirit of the 13 Colonies has survived the 1776 gang`s victory, Lincoln`s move to push forward the new patricians` power grab agenda & the propaganda that Americans have been spoonfed with over the last 200 years as to what it was about by representing those who stood against it as the bad guys – i.e. eradicating the American loyalists out of 1776 & the Rebs as hillbilly racists.

  9. kcirdrab says:

    @RSA – ‘ …
    @RSA – ‘Anarcho-Capitalist’ … wow, that`s too much for me to get my small mind around, no I`m just some1 who believes that governmental power should be limited to as little as is necessary & located as close to the people as it can be got; in the States that would mean the State & county level & getting free from the 1776 gang`s now obese & wasteful Imperial construct. People have an easier time holding the Man to account when he living up the road rather than on some far distant hill.

  10. CarryANationIII says:



  11. RedShirtArmy says:

    @kcirdrab, Well …
    @kcirdrab, Well certainly some of the Founding Fathers were awful – Adams and Hamilton especially. However, the Anti-Federalists were pretty good. They opposed (unsuccessfully) the power-grabs by the central government in the late 1700s. Of course, once they got into power they didn’t do what I would have done – dissolve the Union – but they were far better than the Federalists.

    What is your own political view? Are you an anarcho-capitalist? Just curious.

  12. kcirdrab says:

    @RSA – No, I think …
    @RSA – No, I think that we differ. I use the term WASP for the Washington`s gang not in the racial sense but to describe a small patrician elite in the 13 Colonies that by the end of the 1776 was powerful enough to divide itself from its fellow colonists & start to view them as prey to be ruled rather than parity,
    The DOI was their means of coup & can`t be split from the Constitution.
    Those who talk about the Founding Fathers & liberty are missing the point as to what really went on in 1776.

  13. RedShirtArmy says:

    @kcirdrab, I would …
    @kcirdrab, I would somewhat agree with you but I think your emphasis on “WASPs” is unncessary. Not only that, I don’t see any problem with the DOI since it didn’t designate any power to any central regime. I do have a problem with the words “perpetual union” in the AOC but other than that I think it was a pretty good gov’t. And I think the present Constitution was a coup against liberty. Would you agree with that?

  14. kcirdrab says:

    @kcirdrab – I …
    @kcirdrab – I should clarify that there`s a slight mix up in my terms in the above post, the codification of existing rights sleight of hand by Washington`s power heist gang was the Constitution, of which the Dec. of Independence was merely the WASP patrician cabal`s tool to launch thier successful power grab. The “Founding Father`s” war was as much against the freedom of the 13 Colonies as it was against the Crown, their real antagonism to the Crown was that they wanted to wear it instead.

  15. RedShirtArmy says:

    @mercen144, I …
    @mercen144, I appreciate it.

  16. kcirdrab says:

    @RSA – The DOI gave …
    @RSA – The DOI gave the American people v. little they didn`t already possess, it merely codified rights they inherently had before the “War of Inndependence”. What Washington`s gang did to cover their hi-jack of the 13 Colonies & transferral of sovereign power from the Colonist communities to a small centralised WASP patrician cabal was to dress up something the people already possessed in fine words & ceremony & say “look what we`ve given you”, whilst drawing power to themselves.

  17. mercen144 says:

    @kcirdrab u said …
    @kcirdrab u said that very welll

  18. RedShirtArmy says:

    @edgehead31593, …
    @edgehead31593, Thanks.

  19. RedShirtArmy says:

    @kcirdrab, Well the …
    @kcirdrab, Well the Constitution was certainly that, since the Articles of Confederation provided for much more decentralisation and State independence. However, I don’t see how an argument could be made that the Declaration of Independence was a Federal power grab. Please explain.

  20. kcirdrab says:

    1776 was a …
    1776 was a hi-jacking of the 13 Colonies` fredom by a WASP cabal, replacing the 13 Colonies` independence with a Federal entity, & moving power from the hands of the many to the few.
    The ‘Declaration of Independence’ was a sweetener to get away with the take-over, whilst the many American colonists who recognised what was really underway were terrorized into submission by a revolutionary mob.
    Those who believe in the “War of Independece” myth have fallen for the Federal propaganda.

  21. edgehead31593 says:

    another great video
    another great video

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