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  1. thegr8don says:

    Problem Solving – Numbers Part 1?
    I need full working out. There are quite a few questions and they are quite challenging too. I will post them in two parts. I really appreciate the help.

    1.What is the mystery number?
    When the digits in this two-digit number are added, they give a sum that is half as large as the product of multiplying the two digits.

    2.Using only the number 3 and any combination of the four basic operations (+, -, x, ÷), write equations for numbers from 1 to 10.

    3.What is the mystery number? Find the smallest number that fits these clues:
    •It is a natural number.
    •It is divisible by 5 and 7.
    •When divided by 9, a remainder of 6 is left.

    4.Francine took a maths test. She divided by -15.67 instead of multiplying by 15.67. The computation gave an answer of 25. What was the answer she should have given?

    5.A trader went on his rounds through the villages of his small province. In the first village, the trader spent half of his money. In the second town, the trader spent one third of what he had left. In the third town, the trader spent one quarter of what he had left. When he was done, the trader had 3 guilders. How much money did he start with?

    6.What is the mystery number? It is larger than 100. It is smaller than 200. It is prime. The sum of the digits is 13.


  2. PUzzled says:

    1. 36 or 63

    2. 3/3, 3- 3/3, 3, 3+ 3/3, 3×3-3-3/3, 3×3-3, 3×3-3+3/3, 3×3-3/3,3×3, 3×3+3/3

    3. 210

    4. -6138.7225

    5. 12

    6. 139 or 157
    References :

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