3 Responses to “Thought Leaders 2008: Jane Vivier, UK Border Agency”

  1. GenevaSwiss says:

    are these two human …
    are these two human beings or its just me seeing them a bit of strange looking and a bit of inhuman look lol

  2. Asamaki29 says:

    100,000 nits …
    100,000 nits uneducated and unemployable.Eton and Cambridge boys screwed up Economy.

    Now there is going to be a Green bailout package for developing countries. Ministers are looting tax-payers money and yet sermons are preached to developing Countries to cut corruption .Lord Jesus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By 2012 there will be less Non- Europe Citzens.A good reflection in time for the games

    Tier 4 system works!!Pathetic

  3. Asamaki29 says:

    Private educated …
    Private educated academics screwed up the economy ,”Jobs for British Citzens first”.Some Western countries are dumping toxic waste in African waters.

    The new Tier 4 system is updated every-day.Elections are around the Corner and ID cards are not been taken serious in most establishment.

    Now it’s about cutting numbers ,Poor Africans& Asias students inside the UK will go first .


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