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  1. diablotrackrunner350 says:

    how do you do it
    how do you do it

  2. veggiedisease123 says:

    The gland is over …
    The gland is over your kidney. And i can do it.

  3. jennet4444 says:

    Beautiful eyes !
    Beautiful eyes !

  4. demondestroyer1000 says:

    damn thats crazy …
    thats crazy dude,I wonder how big they would get if you were on shrooms.you should do it and make another post of it.

  5. Dreadnought942 says:

    its kind of easy.

    its kind of easy.
    i can give myself goosebumps or adrenaline rushes.

    you just forcus on something scary or imagine that somethings gonna kill you and youll feel it

  6. ElFuego121 says:

    i can do this too. …
    i can do this too. It started from just remembering my ecstasy highs. I think its just giving yourself adrenaline rushes.

  7. elitefitness84 says:

    I can do this too. …
    I can do this too. When I was in 4th grade I learned I could send an electrical feeling through my body at will. I cannot explain how I do it, I just can. Also I learned that when I do it, my heart jumps from around 75 bpm to about 150-160 bpm. It is also a very good feeling but can only hold it for about 6-7 seconds. I have shown people in the medical industry this and the are always very, very amazed. I’m gla I’m not the only one out there with this ability.

  8. feebunnylovesya says:

    O_O I CAN’T DO IT.

    O_O I CAN’T DO IT.
    I have been practicing forever, but I still can’t.
    And my parents think I’m really weird now.


    πŸ™‚ this happened …
    πŸ™‚ this happened when I popped those two e tabs back in September even though both pupils were different sizes lmao

  10. mercythekitty says:

    Wow, I’m working on …
    Wow, I’m working on being able to do this– never tried in a mirror, so I don’t know if it’s working or not. XD

    That’s soooome camera you got there… And I’m almost a little scared by how much your pupils dilated! Coolio. :3

  11. Nicro327 says:

    I’ve been able to …
    I’ve been able to do this since I was 5 or 6. And when you do this, are you pumping adrenaline?

  12. DarkourParkour129 says:

    @necromatter ive …
    @necromatter ive been able to do it since i was like four. like you also tremble if you do it hard enough and ur heartbeat stops then gives a hard THUMP and goes faster. never knew anyone else can do this. i would like to know what it is

  13. necromatter says:

    I’ve been able to …
    I’ve been able to do this my entire life but also never met anyone else who could nor figured out what it was. Hard to describe how it’s triggered.. I just tense the muscles in my neck and face and there’s a rush of energy inwards from the rest of the body towards my head. Never thought to look in a mirror while doing it, but also confirmed the same thing happens to my eyes. It’s rather exhausting to do though. A few times and I feel wiped out.

  14. Sparksterfu says:

    Its supposed be …
    Its supposed be autonomic, your not supposed to control it. You have a gift.

  15. pegasus10589k says:

    It would hardly …
    It would hardly matter in mine !!!! I got really dark eyes !!!!! πŸ˜€

  16. nicolemasso says:

    ive always been …
    ive always been able to do this, and didn’t know it wasn’t normal until someone pointed it out to me. i usually do it when im trying to read a persons intentions, it just feels like mass amounts of concentrated energy coming out of my eyes. I turn it “on” by micro focusing on the person or object im trying to analyze.

  17. solitairirose says:

    Woooowwww i can do …
    Woooowwww i can do this too! (although its a bit challenging because i just got into it) how can u better focus to get them to do this whenever? like, say…in the dark

  18. Kurtplox says:

    I can do this too. …
    I can do this too. It’s like a voluntary adrenaline rush. I do it, and my pulse beats faster, my eyes dilate, and it feels crazy

  19. ArcaneArteest says:

    @notforclimbing12 …
    @notforclimbing12 Exactly, tells you who our common ancestor could be.

  20. gTauTomaTisch says:

    Hey,i know it!! If …
    Hey,i know it!! If you see a dark place,your pupil expands!!
    and if you see light your pupil back to normal!!

  21. vanderwoodsen90 says:

    omg ur pupils look …
    omg ur pupils look like they’re pulsing.

  22. notforclimbing12 says:

    unless youre 1/2 …
    unless youre 1/2 reptile, your intrinsic ocular muscles are smooth muscle. in mammals and amphibians pupil dialation is an autonomic response. unless adobe can alter your genome too…

  23. metalhead33 says:

    hes probly lookin …
    hes probly lookin at porn

  24. petitmacaque says:

    @1h34rtmus1c its …
    @1h34rtmus1c its just because your eyes are out of focus, everybody can do that

  25. Strawberrysunset23 says:

    Do u know wat it …
    Do u know wat it means wen ur pupils are medium sized?

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