One Response to “what does a boss do when you break a Voluntary Code of ethics?”

  1. Al Scusi says:

    Whilst a Code may be voluntary a Manager can make it clear that failure to meet the Code would result in the offender losing privileges such as… pay rises; office facilities; company benefits; subsidies; PROMOTION; and the respect of their colleagues.

    If the employer has stipulated that adherence to the Code is mandatory despite its voluntary nature [prior to the offering of the post, and in writing] it may be deemed as part of the contract of employment and failure to comply may be seen as breach of contract [though I wouldn’t want to be the test case for it]

    In the case of journalism if the breach might bring the publication into ill repute then voluntary or not breach of contract might apply.

    A voluntary Code leaves the Publisher the ability to distance themselves a little from a particular journalists faux pas, however, too many of them and people will see through and critisize the publication printing the results [if incorrect data is being presented]
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